London, England's capital city and a major global city and centre for trade, government and economy, is also a hugely appealing tourist destination. With everything from the West End theatres to the London Eye, the city has a vast selection on offer for tourists and visitors. The city boasts a wealth of places to stay, from the numerous serviced apartments London offers, to hotels and hostels.

The creation of the city of London as we know it today was begun by the Romans just after their conquest of Britain. Since then Londinium has been shortened to London and the city has expanded massively and withstood most of the landmark events in British history. Modern day London is a huge metropolis with everything on offer from history to cutting edge modernity as well as a vast selection of places to stay including the numerous grand plaza apartments London offers.

A holiday in London can be an overwhelming experience if not properly planned. There are a series of must-visits and then there are various places that are well worth a look. Forward planning is often key to a trip to the city; approaching a holiday with a plan and an idea of what of the wealth of sights you would like to visit; planning ahead with a place to stay as, depending on the season, places can get booked up fast. There is a range of areas and places to stay including various Knightsbridge apartments on offer.

The city, as with any large metropolis, has a vast selection of places to stay and places to eat on offer. As well as the hotels and hostels in the city there are the number of holiday apartments London offers, from Knightsbridge apartments to other areas, where you can stay, allowing complete freedom of the city, both to work to your own schedule and to eat and drink at the vast selection of venues. Restaurants from all over the world can be found as well as a selection of Michelin starred places to eat; there are huge numbers of bars and clubs that cater to any taste and style.

One of the biggest draws to visit London is the palaces of the British royal family and primarily that of Buckingham Palace. This imposing structure is the home and symbol of power of one of the most long standing monarchies in the world. The monarchy itself can trace its heritage back to William the Conqueror and through such characters and defining powers as Victoria, Elizabeth I and Henry VIII. The official home of the Queen, this palace is open for tours in the summer and even in other months, is well worth a visit to see the magnificent building and the changing of the guards.

The London Eye, widely used to symbolise the city in pictures and films, provides a spectacular sight and experience of London. The massive wheel is the world's third largest observation wheel and will take tourists up in glass pods that show you far above the London skyline offering vast sights of this magnificent city. On a clear day the view is far indeed with spectacular sights of the city and the Thames. From this far up you may even be able to spot your Knightsbridge apartments amongst the tiny cars, buildings and tourist spots.

The city is also a hub of sporting activity and various international and local games can be found taking place all year round. The city is to play host to the Olympics in 2012 and can currently be found under transformation as it prepares for the huge sporting invasion to come. Every summer London also hosts the Wimbledon Tennis Championship as well, a tournament that is as well known for its strawberries and cream as it is for its tennis. The event is a major draw and attracts fans of tennis and Pimms in equal measure to enjoy the sun and sport. There are various grand plaza apartments London offers that will easily link to these events on public transport.

London is a vast city and a holiday there is sure to be a vibrant experience. Staying in one of the holiday apartments London offers including the Knightsbridge apartments, will allow you the full freedom to explore and enjoy the wealth of attractions on offer. From the Globe Theatre to the high street shops, the city has it all and can provide whatever you are looking for. So whether it is hanging out at Harrods or living it Renaissance style by trying out a bit of traditional Shakespearean theatre there is sure to be something for everyone in this cultural melange.

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