Bond Cleaners in Brisbane always prepare the checklist so that they can complete their task with accuracy because their service will have to be perfect so that their client gets the bond money back. So, today we will see what the cleaners in a bond cleaning company in Brisbane include in their checklist that they heartily follow.

  • Cleaning the walls and ceiling fan

This is included first in the checklist because the cleaning process of walls and the ceiling fan is important.

The cleaners will start the cleaning from the top of the room all the way down to the carpet and the floors. They will remove accumulated dust particles cobwebs, dirt, and debris from the walls and ceiling fans using the right equipment. Moreover, using the right equipment is important because they will need to reach the top of the room with ease.

In bond cleaning, the professionals will use a duster with an extendable handle to remove the collected dust from the ceiling and the fan blades and save the ground from getting covered with dust.

Lastly, the cleaners will remove stains and other marks from the walls to bring back the shine. If needed, the cleaners will use a variety of tools to complete the job on time and with perfection.

  • Cleaning the light and switchboards

Second, in the checklist, the professionals providing the bond cleaning in Brisbane will include the methods of cleaning the switchboards.

They will wipe the light fixtures, switchboards, fittings, baseboards and other areas with a microfiber cloth as these types of cloth can grab dirt and dust easily.

To remove the stains, the professionals will use a dishwashing agent and alcohol-based sanitisers since it is the time of Covid-19. These alcohol-based sanitisers are capable of killing all types of bacteria and viruses.

Sometimes the cleaners might also use baking soda that is also effective against stains and bacteria on the most touched areas.

  • Cleaning of doors and windows

The landowners check the windows to see if they are clean enough. So, the cleaners use a microfiber cloth to clean dirt and dust. Then they use a squeegee to remove the residue of soap leaving the windows clean and shining.

  • Cleaning the kitchen area

The kitchen is another area that landlords inspect and in this time of the pandemic cleaning and sanitising the area perfectly has become more important. So, to do this, the cleaners will use specialised solutions that are recommended by the government. Next, they will clean the ovens, countertops, etc. to remove the dirt, grease, etc.

Finally, they will clean the microwave, refrigerator, dishwashers, and other appliances thoroughly along with the sink, faucets, etc., and will mop the floors.

  • Bathroom cleaning method

Along with the kitchen, the bathroom is another place that needs to be cleaned and disinfected properly. The cleaners will sanitize the place with disinfectants and finally clean the basin, sinks, showers, etc.

If you hire a cheap bond cleaning in Brisbane, it will save you a lot of money because these guidelines will be followed by every company.

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For a successful bond cleaning, the professionals will always prepare a checklist of items to clean, and here we will take a look at what they include in the checklist.