A clinic where children aren't afraid to go to due to the ambiance or medical care that is ascribed by Kion pediatrics. Love and care are given to patients by way of concern for their health which sows the seed for what they imbibe. We have a passion for caring for each one of our patients here at Kion Pediatrics Clinic Jonesboro AR. We are concerned about your child much in the same way as we are, about our own. Children are very sprightly and can be influenced easily. It is our childhood that decides the path of our very lives. Habit building is important as it is the very nature of that which the future unfolds for kids. Just as much as eating habits, physical activity, sleep, and social interaction are important, so is the approach which a child takes to the concern of his or her health. This last one is taken care of by us at Children’s Clinic Jonesboro AR. The practice at Kion Pediatrics Jonesboro AR is one that builds a synergy between us, the child, and his or her family. It is today’s child that shapes our future as leaders, scientists, musicians, whatever. As a KION kid, we promise the acme of health, which is the right of every child.

Pediatricians are doctors specialized in the medical treatment of infants, children in general, and adolescents. They can be consulted even before your child arrives, and you can get the feel of what we do, early. To book an appointment you can either fill a form online or call us. Your child’s medical needs are covered by insurance if you have one, and you can call this office to confirm your child’s cover. You are requested to bring the card with you on every visit. As of now, we do not work on weekends. You can pay us for our services with checks, money orders, cash, or all major credit/debit cards.

People who are authorized by us to accompany your child are his or her parents, guardians, or people who are recognized by them as being fit to take charge of the job of bringing your child to this clinic. He or she should know the symptoms and medical history of the child in an accountable manner. Kindly do bring all germane medical records, details of immunization done, and photo ID proof whenever you visit this clinic. We do make our clinic The Clinic that children prefer going to: KION Pediatrics, Jonesboro AR.
We make sincere efforts to see your child on the same day as that of the appointment.

We provide well-child check-ups, School children’s physicals, immunizations, circumcisions, referrals by specialists, suture or staple removal, hearing tests, testing for asthma or spirometry, vision screening, ADHD and autism spectrum disorder evaluations, counseling for nutrition, tobacco, and vaping counseling, wart removal with cryotherapy, School Camp Forums, Wound Closure with staples or Dermabond, Ear Lavage and of course, sick visits and minor procedures.

We work from 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening, except on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Wednesday we open and close one hour earlier. On Saturdays, it is 8 in the morning to noon, and on Sundays, we remain closed.
Wellness Child check-up schedule and vaccinations are detailed below:
5 Days to 2 Weeks
Newborn/Initial Visit, Optional Supplemental Screen, Review PKU results

2 Months
Pediarix, HIB, Prevnar, RotaTeq

4 Months
Pediarix, HIB, Prevnar, RotaTeq

6 Months
Pediarix, HIB, Prevnar, RotaTeq

9 Months
Developmental Screening

12 Months
MMR, Varivax, PPD, Hep A, Hemoglobin(done once per year as long as normal)

15 Months
DTaP, HIB, Prevnar

18 Months
Hep A, Developmental Screening, Autism Screening

24 Months
PPD + Hemoglobin, Vision (done once per year as long as normal), Autism Screening

30 Months
Developmental Screening

3 Years
PPD, Hearing, Vision

4 Years
Kinrix, MMR, Varivax, Hearing, Vision

5 Years
Cholesterol (if high risk), Hearing, Vision, PPD

6 Years
Vision, hearing, PPD

9 Years
HPV (2 dose series, 6-12 months apart)

10 Years
Tdap, CBC, Cholesterol

11 Years
Meningococcal, Alcohol and Drug Use Assessment (and yearly), Depression Screening (and yearly)

16 Years
Meningococcal, HIV Screening

It may be noted that 12 months and 4 year well visits must be on or after birthday

So what are you waiting for to make your kid a KION kid? Call us today for any queries or doubts that you may have, and start experiencing our love and care that we can assist your child with.
Contact: info@KIONpeds.com
Call:(870)-333-5466, 870-336-1026

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Kris Nwokeji was born in Austin, in the state of Texas to Nigerian parents. His parents' relocation to the motherland and his incessant thirst to help children brought him to medical school at Abia State University at the young age of 16. Upon completing his degree with distinction, Dr. Kris relocated back to the U.S.