Constipation is a symptom and not a serious medical condition. However, it needs to be dealt and relieved right away. Everybody experiences constipation at some point in their lives.

Normal bowel movement ranges at an average of three times a day to three times a week. Having bowel movements less than three times a week suggests experiencing constipation.

The prime cause of constipation boils down to poor diet and low fiber intake. This condition is temporary. It may not be serious but needs considerable concern.

Understanding the cause, precautions and prevention is a must for it will surely help find relief and cure. One question that is commonly tagged with constipation and food is regarding cheese.

Are cheese and constipation related to each other?

Constipation and eating cheese have a significant connection. It has been known that most dairy products have the tendency to bring about constipation and one of these dairy products is cheese.

Cheese is incredible for it works both ways. It can cause the development of constipation and helps relieve constipation as well. Cheese is heavy to our digestive system. It contains excess saturated fat, plus it is one of the known refined and processed foods. Refined, processed foods are major kind of foods that cause constipation.

With cholesterol, cheese has the tendency to stick to the walls of the colon, which eventually is blocked and cause constipation. Cheese is low in fiber. Definitely, eating of foods with low fiber content is a surefire to constipation.

When cheese is eaten too much in one sitting, bowel movements are slowed down and subsequently develop cheese constipation. Other than having saturated fats, cheese contains a huge amount of protein. Eating a lot of cheese at once makes the undigested protein stick to the colon. This gradually results to constipation.

Others believe cheese cause constipation and there are some that consider cheese to be a reliever from constipation. This basically depends on how well the body responds and digests to cheese.

There are instances that eating cheese in huge amounts can induce bowel movement. Cottage cheese is a kind of cheese that induces defecation and known to be the most harmless among the dairy products.

It is a product of curd cheese and retains its whey proteins, which is unlikely to other kinds of cheese. It is due to the fact that cottage cheese is drained and not pressed dry. In the production of cottage cheese, maturation process is not involved. Cottage cheese is the suggested cheese as a remedy for relief of constipation.

It is recommended to sprinkle small amount of cottage cheese on your salad, may it be vegetable or macaroni. Constipation can be effectively remedied using such method and eventually induce bowel movement.

Avoid too much intake or indulgence on any other kind of cheese products to prevent inducing cheese constipation. Have a reasonable amount of cheese and do go overboard, so as your bowel movement remains normal.

To stay away from constipation, bring in your diet with some healthy changes in your lifestyle. Have a little organic cheese and hold further commercial cheese in your dietary regimen. Achieve a healthy digestive system by having a balanced diet, sufficient water intake and regular exercises.

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