Lower back pain is common amongst many adults. It is one of the biggest excuses used to get a day off of work or even a reason for many to stay in bed and not go about their everyday activities. However, what if the pain is actually real? Where is the pain such that it is actually making it difficult for the person to perform his or her everyday functions?

Lower back aches can be caused due to the most minor of reasons and mostly effect adults. It is not a common trait seen in children. The ones who are most bothered by it are adults above the age of 45.

As mentioned above, there are many reasons for lower back pains. The article seeks to highlight a few causes and symptoms of lower Back Pain as well as the diagnosis and treatment of lower back pain.

Causes Of Lower Back Pain

The causes of lower back pain can range from very basic issues but can as well as definite some serious health issue. Some of the causes are-

Strain: Strain on the back is one of the main causes of lower back pain. This affects a person when a person puts more than an amount of strain on the back, which the back usually cannot take.

Structural problems: Structural problems such as ruptured disks, building disks, sciatica, arthritis, abnormal curvature of the spine, osteoporosis, kidney problems could also result in lower back pain.

Movement and posture: Movements such as coughing, twisting, and postures such as bending in a wrong manner, straining the neck, etc. can also be causes of lower back pain.

Spine-related causes: spine related causes such as Cancer of the spine or infection on the spine can also result in lower back pains.

Sleep disorders: Symptoms Of Sleeping Disorder can also cause lower back pains.

Shingles: Infection affecting the nerves can also cause lower back pain because the spine is connected with the help of nerves.

Symptoms Of Lower Back Pain

Usually, the lower back pain goes away after some time. However, there are a few symptoms which are attached with lower back pain which make it necessary for you to visit the doctor and some of those symptoms of lower back pain are-

Weight loss: Weight loss combines with lower back pain could be an indicator of a serious health issue in connection to the spine.

Fever: Fever, along with lower back pain, could be an indicator of some disease spreading within the body.

Swelling of the back: If your back swells up and is accompanied by lower back pain, visit the doctor immediately.

Pain in legs: Spinal problems usually extend from the back to the legs. Therefore, pain in the legs could be an indicator of the same.

Difficulty in urinating: The spine has an important function, especially in removing toxic waste from the body as it helps control the nerves around the excretory systems.

Numbness around the genital area: Since the nerves around the excretory system are controlled by the spine, you may feel numb around these areas.

Lower Back Pain Diagnosis

While visiting a doctor for a case of lower back pain, the doctor may take the following recourse to get a lower back pain diagnosis-

X-rays: The doctor may ask you to get an X-Ray of your back to make a diagnosis as to what could be the reason for such pain.

MRIs or CT scans: Similar to the above; the doctor could also ask for MRI or CT scans.

Bone scans: Bone scans help in detecting bone tumours and compression fractures usually caused by osteoporosis.

Electromyography: The technique helps in detecting whether there are any compressions within the spinal cord, which is resulting in such pain.

Lower Back Pain Treatment

If any person is suffering from lower back pain, the doctor may ask such a person to try the following lower back pain treatment techniques-

Medications: If the over the counter medications do not work, the doctor may prescribe medication to help relieve the Neck And Back Pain Treatment. In some occasions, muscle relaxants are also used.

Physical therapy: The doctor may even recommend physical therapy, physical therapy includes applying heat, ice, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation to help release the back muscles and tissue, which may help in reducing the pain.

Cortisone injection: If the above options do not work, an anti-inflammatory drug may be injected around the spinal cord in the epidural space.
Traction: Pulleys and weights may be used to stretch the back and make it relax.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Helps in dealing with chronic back pain, which is caused by the way a person is thinking. The therapy tries to encourage new ways of thinking in such a person.

Lower back pain can be very problematic for many as it interferes with their day to day functions. Everything Health requires control over certain activities to ensure that one does not have to suffer from lower back pain. There are few other factors such as smoking, body weight, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, and bad posture that can affect a person and can cause lower back pain. Therefore, ensure to not dwell into such habits which can cause your lower back pain.

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