On a physical level, diabetes is caused by a disturbance in our metabolism from lack of insulin secreted by the pancreas or as a result of our cells not responding to the insulin that is produced. It is said that around 85% of adults diagnosed with diabetes are overweight. On the surface level, there is no apparent explanation as to what causes this lack of insulin or why the cells do not respond to the insulin in some cases. Traditional medicine has a hard time identifying what causes dis-eases, and why some people get them and others don’t.

The Traditional View of Dis-ease:
Traditional medicine, or current mainstream medical practices, teaches us that all illness is the result of some physical cause. For diabetes, the cause is most commonly attributed to genetics or a bad diet and lifestyle. According to what is happening on the physical level, this is the most identifiable cause of it manifesting in a person’s body. But this doesn’t fit, because not everyone that gets diabetes has a parent, grandparent, or any family member for that matter who has previously had diabetes. Additionally, there are those who have never had diabetes in the family and who eat a healthy diet that still contract the dis-ease.

If there was a reliable physical cause of any illness, including diabetes, would it not be consistent from person to person? Is there not a specific cause to this dis-ease, and all other dis-eases? The answer is yes, but it is not a physical cause, it is a mental and emotional cause.

Nothing Physical Can Cause Anything Physical:
As I have spoken about briefly in my previous articles, the reality of how illness really works is a complete 180 degree shift from our traditional thinking. We commonly think that all illness is caused by something going wrong physically in our bodies. For diabetes, the physical cause is attributed to the pancreas and insulin. But the physical level is just a superficial level; it is the level of effect. As will be surprising to some, nothing physical can be the cause of any other physical effects. An effect cannot create another effect, only cause can create an effect.

The physical body can do nothing in and of itself. It does not have power to create anything, including illness. Power comes from being at cause, and seems the physical level is the level of effect; it has no power to create. The physical body merely reflects the levels of cause, which are the mental and emotional levels within us. Our physical bodies are no more than a mirror of what is taking place on a deeper level within us. It is according to one of the most powerful laws in the universe, the law of correspondence, as within, so without.

The Specific Cause of Diabetes:
As becomes apparent to those who start to understand these things, we see that traditional medicine is seeking the cause to illness and dis-ease in the wrong places. The truth is, there is a specific set of causes to all illness and dis-ease, but those causes are not physical. The causes we are all seeking for are within us, we hold the answers to all our questions. We do not need to seek outside ourselves for that which is already within us.

The pancreas deals with emotions, desires and all intellectual activities. Pancreas disorders indicate an imbalance on the emotional level. If someone is diabetic, it is because they are often very emotional and have too many desires for themselves and others. They want everyone to have a slice of the pie. They expect too much from themselves and from others, and tend to blame themselves for others dissatisfaction.

Essentially, diabetes is a signal from the body that we need to learn to let go and let things happen at their own pace. This person needs to stop trying to control the course of events in their life and realise that it is not their purpose to make everyone else happy.

How to Cure Diabetes:
This new paradigm of thinking around health requires us to stop believing that illness and dis-ease is an enemy that needs to be destroyed and nullified. Illness and dis-ease is not a bad thing, neither is it an enemy. All illness and dis-ease is a signal from our bodies that we are not living our lives out of love; it is a servant to aid us in being who we really are, instead of pretending to be who we are not. It is nothing more than a blessing that is currently in disguise, until we understand its true purpose and meaning.

All illness is a message from our bodies, telling us to love ourselves. Diabetes is a specific message that we have unrealistic expectations about ourselves and others. It is a physical effect of us mentally trying to control our lives instead of allowing things to work out on their own. We are getting feedback that we are not meeting our true needs, that our perceptions are holding us back instead of moving us forward.

Only by balancing out these mental and emotional areas can a person truly be cured of diabetes, as this is the level of cause. Yes, diabetes can be treated and the symptoms (effects) relieved by physical means, but that is like putting a poster over a hole in the wall and expecting the hole to go away. Only until we break free from the old thinking that illness needs to be destroyed will we make any real progress in healing illness and dis-ease. The reality is, all healing is self-healing. All illness and dis-ease is designed to move us closer to love and perfect balance with all that is.

Author's Bio: 

Justin Lattaway is a certified NLP Master Practitioner, Master Coach and Master Hypnotherapist, and has a Bachelor of Sport Science through the Auckland University of Technology. Justin owns and operates his new business, Conscious Health & Wellbeing, which helps people to become healthy, balanced and whole, to live life free of illness, injury, stress and dis-ease. He is also a Christian, as he is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Justin has been inspired by the likes of Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra and Lise Bourbeau too name just a few. He has a strong interest in metaphysics and universal principles and loves to apply this knowledge into his work. It is his view that every single person has the resources and tools innately within them to overcome all illness, injury and dis-ease. One of his favourite sayings is that there is nothing outside us that we need that we do not already have within.

In his spare time, Justin likes to play sport, read books, volunteer in the community and listen to inspiring music. You can learn more about Justin by visiting his website or his facebook business page.