1) Opt for an apt UI Development Technology:

WinForms – A more established Microsoft innovation, extremely well known before WPF. Not at all like WPF and UWP, WinForms depends on Visual Studio Designer's simplified interface.

• The simplified fashioner makes WinForms gainful for applications that don't require explicit customization and Responsive UI.
• Simple to learn
• Chips away at all Windows forms

Electron – A structure that permits creating Desktop application development companies with Web advances (HTML/CSS/JavaScript). The enchantment behind Electron is that it utilizes Node.Js and Chromium to make a Web View in a work area window. Electron increases some prominence for some time and there are extraordinary applications created with it like Slack, GitHub Desktop and Visual Studio Code.

• Electron is cross-stage
• Has a major memory impression, notwithstanding for a straightforward 'Hi World' App
• Overwhelming CPU utilization
• Keeps running on Windows 7 and more established
• Collaborating with the PC is substantially less proficient than in different innovations. It's as yet conceivable however by utilizing Electron's thin API for essential OS includes or conjuring .dll documents legitimately with Node.js.

JavaFX and Swing – Two Java UI structures from Oracle. Both are cross-stage. JavaFX is more up to date and energized by Oracle as a substitution for Swing, however, it has generally low appropriation.

Swing, then again, is more established and all the more generally utilized, yet at the same time less prominent for Windows applications than WPF or WinForms. A model application composed with Swing is JetBrains IntelliJ. Both are cross-stage

Swing and JavaFX are written in Java, so your end-client should introduce the JRE

Qt – A cross-stage, C++ based UI system. You can compose the UI protests in code or use QML, which is a definitive language to some degree like JSON. A case of an application composed of Qt is Maya.

2) A suitable choice of a Deployment strategy:
At first, just UWP Apps were permitted to be distributed in the Windows Store. Be that as it may, Microsoft discharged the Desktop App Converter, which can wrap a WinForms and WPF application into a UWP application and distribute to the Store.

ClickOnce is Microsoft's answer for conveying your WPF application (however not UWP). ClickOnce deals with bundling your App, Installing it and Updating it.

Squirrel – Another Installer and Update structure, as ClickOnce. Truth be told, its motto is Squirrel: It resembles ClickOnce however Works.

3) Harnessing an Installer:
There are some extraordinary installers available to you:
•InstallShield – Claims to be the business standard installer for Windows applications. All things considered, it kind of is. It's very component rich and dependably fully informed regarding the most recent advancements. It can make MSI, EXE, and UWP application bundles installers. You can work with an improvement studio to pick every one of the errands the installer ought to do. Additionally, InstallShield has its scripting language called InstallScript to compose custom occupations. It's really expensive, beginning with about 700$ for the most fundamental arrangement.

•Inno Setup is a mainstream free installer. You fundamentally make a content record (.iss) document which contains your installer's settings and contents. Contents are written in Pascal language.

•InnoSetup has great documentation and a decent estimated network. It delivers just EXE records, however, not MSI. On an update, InnoSetup will uninstall the past form and introduce the enhanced one.

•Wix is another famous free installer. It has a more extreme expectation to absorb information than InstallShield and Inno Setup, however, it can create MSI documents which can be a major favourable position.

Work area Application Development for Windows is brimming with unpredictability like any product arrangement. We secured probably the most significant choices in an application's engineering however there are different contemplations like Localization, Testing, User Settings, Database, etc.


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