Guy Yanpolskiy, the CEO of GuyWay Group, is a renowned blockchain advisor and cryptocurrency expert, who is currently making waves in the business and investment world. He has been proving to himself and the world what the power of networking truly means.  With over 13 years of experience, Guy has taken part in more than 10 successful start-ups since 2012, leaving a long trail of success behind him. Today he is well known for his contributions to the Web3 industry, incredible event management expertise, extensive knowledge of IT, and of course his extensive connections.


GuyWay Group 


More than personal achievements, Guy emphasises collaborations and connections. That is why in 2021, visionary Guy Yanpolskiy established the extraordinary event management company The GuyWay Group. With a burning desire to revolutionise the way companies establish themselves in the global market, Guy has jumped on a mission to create unforgettable events in Dubai, one of the world's most vibrant business centres.


Taking a step away from traditional event management, GuyWay Group quickly set high standards for event production and industry excellence. With years of expertise in organising top-quality technological and entertainment events, the company realised the importance of managing events from the very start to the very end. The company is tailoring every aspect of the event for specific clients, setting new standards of excellence and innovation. Guy made sure that no detail was too small, and no challenge was too great for his dynamic team of professionals, who flawlessly executed every aspect of the event. The reason for it is the personal approach and long-term relationships that Guy always aims to build.


Starting from design and planning to legal support and marketing expertise, the GuyWay team takes care of the entire process, knowing how important proficiency is in this field. In order to create an unforgettable experience for the clients and connect as many professionals, Guy’s company organises prestigious business conferences like the Supreme Blockchain Conference, where industry giants convene to shape the future of technology, exclusive WOW Summits, luxurious events and other highly successful events.


As such, whether it is a captivating private event, a glamorous cocktail party, or a game-changing conference, each event provides an amazing experience making Guy and GuyWay one of the top experts in the field.


Personal Network and Vision


Thanks to Guy’s strong ties in the tech and PR industry, GuyWay collaborated with renowned organisations such as the Dubai Blockchain Center, Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong, Cybertime Finance, and Lisbon Blockchain Association providing access to one of the largest crypto and IT communities in the world. By forging strategic partnerships with these influential entities, Guy has created a gateway to one of the largest networks of tech enthusiasts and investors in the world.


This tech and business visionary understands that connections provide access to a wealth of knowledge, diverse perspectives, and collaborative opportunities. That is why, he tries to actively engage with professionals from various domains, fostering a vibrant network that enables people to stay ahead of industry trends and advancements.


Shaping the Future of Web3


In a world hungry for innovation and connectivity, Guy seems to become an advocate of networking in the world of Web3. By creating groundbreaking collaborations, summits and events, he keeps pushing more and more businesses to invest and become aware of the incredible opportunities of the tech world. Guy is openly speaking his thoughts on the bright future of the blockchain, crypto and NFTs. He emphasises the growth potential of metaverses, stating that they offer benefits such as reducing the distance between offices and users, providing educational opportunities, and expanding e-commerce possibilities. On top of that, Guy is one of the main organisations of the largest WOW Summits that are held all over the world, introducing and connecting Web3 enthusiasts, investors and experts. With the headquarters of his company in Dubai, Guy has developed a revolutionary view of the tech industry, playing a crucial role in making Dubai a global business hub.


With his expertise and insightful approach, Guy Yanpolskiy continues to make a significant impact in the business and investment sectors. His leadership at GuyWay Group and his contributions to the blockchain, IT, and crypto industries position him as a key figure in the field. As Dubai remains a thriving hub for emerging technologies and professional business events, Guy's initiatives play a crucial role in connecting professionals and fostering growth in this dynamic market.

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