There are many benefits of scented candles in addition to the aroma and light they provide. In fact, candles are seldom used for lighting today, but more for 'humor' or decoration and scented oil candles in particular will add a fragrance to any room that can help calm nerves and allow you to relax after a hard day at work.

Many feel relaxed just by looking at a lit candle, even without an aroma, so it's not just the smell that actually relaxes. It may be that we have an innate affinity for candles that have developed over the centuries when they were our only source of light. During the dark winter nights, our medieval ancestors had no other way to light other than candles and torches made of wood and animal fat.

Even until recently, candles were the primary source of light in the home, just before gas lighting became common and long before electricity was available in every home. Even today, in some areas of the US USA And in the UK, oil lamps and candles are used for lighting, though probably only for the cost of installing 'electricity' as it was once called.

However, let's go back to the benefits of scented oil candles - in today's modern world, where they are often used for little more than nostalgia or decoration. Or is that true? Many also use them as a form of aromatherapy, and candles are available in a wide range of fragrances, such as wild lime, Moroccan rose, and Capri figs, plus lavender, jasmine, clover, and more traditional spices. .

Each of these will fill your room with a wonderful floral scent that will remind you of these warm summer nights in the country or picnics by the river. They are truly soothing and calming, and no matter how stressful your day has been, coming home and lighting any one of these beautiful scented candles will allow you to drink the scent and feel totally at ease with yourself and the world.

Not only that, but handmade candles can look really beautiful. In fact, many are bought just for their appearance and decorative effect, and are unlikely to ever light up. Which is a shame because the candles are made to be used - they may have been designed to look beautiful, but the candles are functional and should be enjoyed to the fullest. This can only be achieved by lighting them and enjoying the relaxation that their aroma and flickering flame can provide.

However, many prefer to buy scented oil candles just for their decorative beauty than burn them, and who can blame them? In many cases, such candles are so artistically made that it seems a shame to ruin them by lighting the wick and observing the beautiful sculptures and carefully layered wax colors that disappear before your eyes.

Oil scented candles are made by melting the wax and then adding a quantity of essential oil (scented essential meaning - from 'essence') to the melt. Then place the wick in a mold, secure it from above, and pour in the wax and essential oil mixture. Let it solidify and you will have a basic scented candle. The secret is in the waxes used, the wick and the other ingredients that are used to control the burning rate and minimize smoke.

Paraffin wax can be used, along with stearic acid or stearin, and you can also add oil soluble dyes that provide the color. By laying layers of wax dyed differently, you can sculpt levels of colors to create beautiful scented candles that people will find hard to resist. However, these candles can be very expensive, and you won't spend a full load of cash just to burn them overnight.

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A personalized scented candle is a unique fragrance that you can create yourself.