The Province of Cadiz is in the southern part of Spain near the Rock of Gibraltar and is an ideal destination for your holiday villas Andalucia. The Costa de la Luz with its golden sandy beaches surrounds the city of Cadiz which is a typical AndalucianMoorish town with narrow winding cobblestone streets and window boxes full of flowers. They built Cadiz on what was once an island with two principal parts, the old historic quarter with fortified walls and the newer part outside of the walls. These sections are joined together by the famous Puertas de Tierra with high buildings clustered around the Central Avenue.

The Campo de Gibraltar literally translates to the Gibraltar countryside and comes from the municipal term for the town of Gibraltar. The area of Cadiz includes the municipalities of Algeciras, San Roque, Los Barrios and La Linea de la Concepción; all excellent places for Andalucia holidays. It is here that you will find the Bay of Algeciras which is both exposed and sheltered areas, with favourable wind conditions for a number of water sports and it also includes a beautiful nature reserve that you can explore at will. Costa de la Luz translates to the “Coast of Light” which is fronted by the Atlantic Ocean. The prevailing winds off of the Atlantic Ocean are conducive for sailing and surfing in this area. The golden sandy beaches have a backdrop of not only sand dunes but also there is a row of pine trees behind them.

If you would like to see an area of outstanding ecological beauty then visit the Natural Park of Sierra de Grazalema as it is a Andalucia holidays nature lover’s paradise. On closer inspection you will discover the area also possesses the magnificence Garganta Verde which is also home to a Griffin Vulture colony and Andalucia's largest cave system. This area of Spain has so much to discover including its breath-taking scenery for you to enjoy.

Like the rest of Spain Cadiz loves to celebrate a fiesta and no place is more accomplished at this than Cadiz when it’s time for the Cadiz Carnival that is held forty days before Lent. This carnival will remind you of the Bonfire Night celebrated on the Costa Blanca. This fiesta is celebrated with music, songs, dancing, food and drink stalls, creative figurines, fireworks and parades - plus a lot of fun. Like the rest of Spain the sport of golf is ever so slowly encroaching on the Costa de la Luz, due to the lush countryside made up of rolling hills that is conducive to the design of courses. The prevailing winds and weather in this area make for a fantastic site for a golf course so make sure that you visit if you play. All in all, Cadiz Provence is the place for your holiday villas Andalucia where you can experience the ambiance of a true Spanish lifestyle not found on any of the other coasts that is if you would like to have a level of privacy not given by any other place.

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