"What would happen if everybody ate lots and lots of fresh organic food that was minimally processed? I think we'd have an epidemic of health."
-Andrew W. Saul, Ph.D.

Many years ago, I worked in the retail industry. It was wintertime and cold season was upon us—and on that particular year, colds were rampant. I don't mean the blow your nose a few times a day cold. Many people were forced to stay in bed for several days, while feeling miserable and then even when they managed to get out of bed, the cold lingered on...and on...and on...for about three weeks. Throughout the mall, people had watery eyes, congestion and achy bodies, not to mention all the red faces that were floating around from all the Kleenex they had been using. It was like Rudolph donated his nose to the entire shopping center.

Considering it was December, which was by far our busiest time of year, I wanted my staff to avoid getting sick. So, not being a doctor I was not able to prescribe anything, but I suggested that we all drink Odwalla C Monster every day. At the time, the containers they came in were larger than they are today, and each bottle had 2,000% of the daily recommended dose of Vitamin C. I enthusiastically added, "Plus, it tastes good!" Yep, I sounded like a quintessential television ad, but guess what? Not one of us got sick that month.

So, we all know that Vitamin C is good, but what about other kinds of foods. I read how the actor Dirk Benedict cured himself of cancer, not by inducing carcinogens (otherwise known as chemotherapy) into his body, but rather by changing his lifestyle. He moved back to Montana, connecting to his roots and began his natural treatment of a macrobiotic diet. Over thirty years have passed and he is genuinely cured from his cancer.

Andrew W. Saul discusses in the film FoodMatters that ample amounts of Niacin have been documented to cure both mild and chronic depression. Yet, do very many people know about this? I certainly didn't and considering how many antidepressant prescriptions are filled every year, I will take an educated guess that most of us are equally in the dark on that one.

We all know the adage, "You are what you eat." When we eat fast-food every day, we feel and look horrible. When we eat in harmony with our bodies and with Nature, we feel and look fabulous. Food effects how every organ in the body operates, and no matter how we treat it, it will respond accordingly.

It truly astounds me that nutritional therapy is against the law in many countries, including our own. Let's face it, those from the medical and pharmaceutical profession have been saying for years, not to take too many vitamins as they can be harmful—and they would be right. It would be harmful for their pocketbooks. In fact, according to the documentary FoodMatters, only 6% of the allopathic medical practitioners (called doctors) are knowledgeable about the value of nutrition and generally speaking, the nutrients that are found in our foods. Why would they? Pharmaceutical companies fund medical schools and the physicians get perks from these companies each time they prescribe certain drugs. To put it succinctly, it's a money game.

Raise your hand if you know at least one person that has a kitchen cabinet and all the medicine cabinets in the house filled with medication. OK, you didn't really have to raise your hand, but I bet all of us know someone if not many people that have fallen prey to this brainwashing that has been going on for decades by the conventional medical and pharmaceutical companies. I was a professional organizer for years and it flabbergasted me at the percentage of people that fell under this category—nearly all of them.

I am not saying that the conventional medical field is all bad. We sometimes need medication as a short-term solution for our ailments. However, for long-term usage this is not only impractical, it is expensive and it is continuously putting toxins in our bodies. A more practical solution to our health is to consume a primarily organic diet, filled with super-foods and generous portions of fruits and vegetables. When we enable our own body to do its thing properly and with ease, we tend to have much more health-full lives.

Don't let anyone tell you that you do not have the medical training to figure out what is best for you. We all have the ability to listen to what our own needs are and when we listen to our intuition, we can feel what healing needs to take place. In other words, if we take control of our destiny, by not only doing the research to find out what is best for us, but also by taking responsibility and following through in the process of changing our lifestyles, so that we can be in alignment with Nature, we find a much more fulfilling life is here for us. Isn't our goal to live happy and health-full lives? It certainly is for me and this is my wish for all of us.

Thank you for reading about my Organic Bliss!

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**Some of the information in this post is from the documentary FoodMatters. For more information, please do watch it. It is not only practical, it has some eye-opening ideas in it. It can be streamed on Netflix.

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Lisa Tunney is a metaphysician with an accessible approach. She has been described as “Sex and the City meets the Dalai Lama”. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from U.C. Berkeley and a Master’s Degree in Metaphysics from the American Institute of Holistic Theology. Additionally, she teaches Shamanism, Reiki, Intuition Development, Meditation and is a Philosopher and author of the upcoming inspirational books, Blossoming Butterfly and The Seed Planter. Through the various avenues of teaching she pursues, she integrates laughter, intuition, storytelling, and most importantly, it is her goal to help guide others to listen to their own Inner Wisdom.