The ardent travelers of the world are not any superhuman beings who can manage everything with ease; most of them learn their lessons the hard way. Travel is not cheap, even in the countries that are labelled the cheapest. India is one of those places that are listed among the most inexpensive places of the world, but travel in some places in India can be more expensive than you had thought. That is why; it is important to understand how you can save money while traveling in India.

The Indian Railways 

Traveling by train is the cheapest mode of travel in India and the world. If you don’t have any restriction for time and are ready to spend quite a long time on the train, you can buy the cheapest ticket to travel on a train. For less than 500 INR, you can travel to 2000 kilometers or more, even though the train may be slow. You will have to spend more money if you want speed and more comfort on the Indian railways.

Cheap accommodation

A few years ago, it was nearly impossible to find a hotel or guest house that provide you accommodation for less than 500 INR a night, but the scenario has changed now. If you research well, you can easily find a hygienic travelers hostel in 500 INR or less. Some hostels even provide a dorm for 200 INR per night. The best part is that the travelers’ hostels cater to the educated crowd of the country, which means you will find good services and hygienic rooms.

Buy a camp

There is nothing better than investing in a tent if you are fond of traveling to the mountains. While camping in different regions of the Indian mountain regions, you can live literally free of cost for as many days as you want. You just have to spend a little on food and traveling, for which the cheaper options are available. Staying in a tent not only saves you money, but also lets you travel in a different manner from others. The best part about the Himalayan villages is that the people are kind and honest. They will never refuse you to share their resources and will never touch your belongings without your permission.

Avoid places during peak season

Although it is a common trend throughout the world that the prices touch the skies during peak season, it happens at a greater extent in India because the tourism industry is not well-regulated. You have to pay double or even triple the price for shoddy services, hotel rooms, and sometimes food as well. Despite paying a heavy price, there is no guarantee that you will enjoy your vacation among the massive crowd. The self drive car rentals in Bangalore, for example, are double the price during peak season and become insanely cheap when there are no customers in the market.

Eat at non-tourist restaurants

You just need to keep a distance from the tourist trail and find out remote restaurants that caters to the local crowd. No, it certainly does not mean that you will find cheap food only in the remote villages of the Himalayas. Even in the metropolitans like Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata, you can find a proper meal for less than 50 INR.

You don’t have to survive on a meager budget and live like a nomad to travel at a low cost in India. Just be determined to travel under a strict budget and you will manage decently in this beautiful country while collecting memories that are etched in your mind forever.

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