Chakras are the centers of spiritual forces in a human’s physical body. They are sources of spiritual energy that will direct the human mind and body to do some positive actions that are beneficial to one’s perception, awareness and viewpoint.

Chakra is a concept that signifies whirlpool forces which agreeing to conventional Indian medicine, and, are presumed to be present in the outer part of the human body’s aura.

The Chakras are supposed to be the force centers or swirls of vortices infusing from a center on the physical body, the strata of the “subtle body” in a growing fan-formed dimension. Spinning twirls of subtle glow, they are regarded as the center points for the hosting and diffusion of energies. Various methods represent diverging number of chakras, the most popular method in the west is that of seven chakras.

Chakras are often to be portrayed in the form of a flower or wheel. Usually, petals are formed all over the edges of a circle. And recently, it depicts splitting the circle into sections that produce the chakra to be similar like a wheel. Every chakra owns a particular volume of sections or petals.

Every one of us do have chakras that envelope us. It is up to the psychic, medium, or clairvoyant to decode, decipher and interpret everyone’s chakra’s shroud, whether it would bring a good future or the opposite.

These chakras or forces of energy that perform as drives, regulators and pumps incorporate the full function of our chakras and facilitate the flow and distribution of energy to the various chakras.

The operation of our chakras redirect choices we do regarding how we select to react to certain circumstances and situations related to our very existence. We unlock, unbolt or start and shut down these chakras when we choose what to contemplate or ponder and to perceive the things that we choose to notice.

These chakras are not corporeal. They are the products of our consciousness, awareness, or perception. And they merge with our inner soul, life force or our very essence or life’s core.

The chakra is a concept that is more complex to understand and yet more and more people are now into it for inner peace, tranquility and in harmony with our body and mind. Knowing your chakras and exercising it can provide you with a sense of stillness that is in sync with your mind and body. Once your body is working harmoniously with your mind, you will find inner peace, harmony and self-satisfaction.
As soon as the seven chakras are working perfectly according to its correct functions and performance, gratification, fulfillment, pleasure and delight with life will definitely ensue and it will be the road towards contentment and serenity.

Two main channels, conduit and tools encompass the functions of the seven chakras. They are the endocrine and the nervous systems. One of the seven chakras interconnects with the endocrine glands, and with the cluster of nerves known as the “plexus”.

Every chakra are interlinked and associated with all parts of the human body encompassing the mind, nerves, endocrine and the five senses, thus, comprising the whole human consciousness and existence.

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Rachel Ann is a Reiki Master and writes for the psychic & metaphysical industry, promoting the discovery of the personal spiritual path, awareness and self development.

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