2020 truly is the era of the self-made star: with more and more people seeking success through creative mediums, it’s not uncommon for us to watch people’s lives change overnight. From popular young musicians to those who feature in viral videos, pop culture has become obsessed with those who seem to “explode” in a very short period.

There was a change in the life of Eriee, but it was all made possible by her, and it certainly didn’t happen overnight.

Dedication and hard work

Eriee’s journey began as a young New York woman when she discovered fitness and body sculpting. She aspired to be like those who showed off their diligence and patience by having incredible physiques, and she wanted to explore it further.

Eriee’s social media accounts began to transform for regular pages to pages filled with body sculpting content. She started making her own waist trainers which, before long, gained her attention from other young women in the city. Her followers and friends regularly asked for her advice, and before she knew it, Eriee was guiding other people towards their goals.

The first steps of her business

By now, Eriee had noticed that there was a demand for her products as well as her assistance and advice. She realized that people wanted to buy her sculpting products, and she began buying and selling them. Starting with 100 waist trainers a month, Eriee got the ball rolling. She carefully watched the patterns of her sales, and, when it was feasible, she expanded to double that.

Once she had assessed her sales records and noted a steady incline in the waist trainers’ popularity, she branched out further. Eriee knew that the target audience would also be interested in arm shapers, thigh shapers, sweat wraps and fat burning creams. Again, she planned each move carefully, later adding gym attire.

From small-town girl to CEO

Within a couple of short years, Eerie was the CEO of her own company, Slimieefit, and its popularity has since increased exponentially. She started this journey with a passion for body sculpting and organically grew an entire company which she continues to run. Eriee picked her moment and struck the market at just the right time.

She used her passion, determination and drive to keep on top of the many orders she received each day, and she now sells about 500 waist trainers a month. She has set up and maintained this company with independence and patience, and it has paid off, without a doubt.

Eriee has big plans for Slimieefit, with goals to be known internationally over the next couple of years. She takes great pride in all of her products, and carefully designs them so that her customers can use them and feel great about themselves. Eriee takes great pleasure in seeing her customers share their success stories, and she hopes that her business will expand as customers see what Slimieefit can do for them. Slimieefit is very much a body positive company, and Eriee strongly believes that every shape and size should be represented. As such, she has gone out of her way to ensure that every size is available on her website.

In 2020, anything is possible for those with the hustle to work hard and follow their dreams. For a young woman to build an empire (and a successful one, at that) on something as niche as body shapers, is truly incredible. It’s inspiring to see that one person can achieve such success as Eriee did. This young entrepreneur is living proof that, by putting your mind to something and consistently working hard at it, you can achieve anything. To see more from Eriee, follow her on Instagram, @erieeexoxo.

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