“We can create a new approach to life. If you and I would spend a few minutes every day in withdrawing our attention from the region of sensation and concentrating it on an invisible state and remain faithful to this contemplation, feeling and sensing the reality of an invisible state, we would in time become aware of this greater world, this dimensionally larger world. The state contemplated is now a concrete reality, displaced in time.” – Neville Goddard http://freeneville.com

Positive thinking the way that many people practice and teach it sounds like you are trying to talk yourself into a “things are good” state - compared to just Feeling Your Ideal, the way Neville Goddard taught.

Let’s notice where Neville begins and compare that to positive thinking.

Neville Goddard teaches if you would WITHDRAW your attention from “the world” and concentrate it on creating “the invisible state” you choose to have and be in the world – and if you are faithful to this feeling – you will experience it in the physical world.

Positive thinking on the other hand, has you focus your attention on the outer world, and then put a “verbal spin” on it that sounds nice and positive. My Grandpa said it best, "Positive thinking (without feeling it real first) is like a bad salesman, trying to talk you into something that neither of you feels good about.

How to Create Prosperity with Neville Goddard's Feel It Real Methods.

The Feeling It Real approach to life – is like noticing what you want to change in the physical world – then withdrawing to your inner workshop – to create what you want in the world. Remember the words of Neville:

"It is not what you want that you attract; you attract what you believe to be true." - Neville

Start every day believing something new, much more empowering about you. Decide who it is you are going to be in the world. Decide your level of happiness, not just your level of income. And stick with that state. If you do this, it will become rock solid in your physical world.

This is easy to do when you read about the success stories of others, and when you Follow The Feel It Real Formula. For more information on that read our articles here, and at http://freeneville.com

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