Africa is home to some of the most amazing and majestic animals on earth. From those that roam Africa’s great plains, to those that swim in her oceans and lastly those that soar high in her blue, sunny skies. This article shall focus on two of the big cats of Africa, namely, the lion and the cheetah. The lion is on the list of the world famous Big Five. Guests are sure to be entertained as they observe these big cats in their natural environment.

• The Lion
The lion, more familiarly known as ‘The King of the Jungle’ reigns supreme over Africa’s plains. They live in highly social groups called ‘prides’. The females are primarily responsible for the hunting in the pride whilst the role of protector falls upon the male lions who have to defend the pride from menacing hyenas and other dangerous male lions. Mature lions are distinguishable from other big cats due to their thick black or brown manes which encircle their necks. This also shields them in battles with other lions and animals. Lions are the second largest felines and second only to the great tiger. These great animals are the main attraction on any African safari holidays and chances are high that one is sure to spot this great king, either lazing in the sun during or on the prowl for prey under the cover of night.

• The Cheetah
This big cat inhabits most of Africa and parts of Iran. The cheetah is the fastest land animal on this planet, it reaches speeds of up to 113 kilometers per hour. Unlike the lion, this cat traded all its strength for speed. It hunts in the afternoon, when its other competitors are usually at rest, hiding from the hot African sun. They have a long rudder like tail, which helps them to make sharp turns at high speeds during a hunt. A fact that most likely contributes to their high success rate when making a kill. The cheetah’s origins have been traced to over 4 million years ago, this is long before any of the other big cats of today. Visitors on African safari tours are sure to be thrilled when they see this ancient cat.

These two big cats are just but a small fraction when you consider the variety of wildlife that roams the plains of Africa. From the monkeys and gorillas of Uganda, to the lions that rule the savannah, visitors are sure to fulfil their desire to witness the best that African safaris have to offer.

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