Many people, mostly non-gamers, think that games on Xbox One can only be classified into two categories; they are either really good yet costly or they are free and still not worth the space they occupy in the system’s internal memory. This thought is simply baseless because there are many titles that are fun and free. And we are not talking about the trials or demos of big-time title or the live gold membership due to which Hitman and Earth Defense Force 2025 Are Now Free For Xbox for September 2019. We mean complete games that are enjoyable and can be played without buying or subscribing to it. They may need some in-game purchases for extra features but the base content is free. So if you’re new to gaming and a bit low on cash, here’s our list of the best Xbox One games that you can play for absolutely free:


You may remember it as a minigame in Witcher 3, Gwent got so popular that it became its own game. Despite the number of characters and power-ups inspired by the series, you don’t need to play any other Witcher game to get a hang of it. Or even luck. Unlike most card games, you simply need to apply strategy by understanding how different card combinations affect the game. It doesn’t make the game any easier to master which is part of the fun.

DC Universe Online

Yet another tick mark for the DC fans, this game is every their wet dream. Here players can customize everything from their characters’ look to their powers. You can either be a hero and fight alongside the Justice League or join the villains in their nefarious plots. You can find all sorts of DC characters here and the storyline keeps updating itself. You can go solo or invite more friends to join you in this MMO adventure and enjoy the sleek in-game mechanics.

World Of Tanks

This 15v15 shooting game stands out from others because of tanks. You can find about every real-life tank model you can think of on all sorts of terrain and weather conditions. Your chances of victory depend on your ability to strategize, every move has to be well planned to avoid having your machine blow up from multiple artillery. It’s the part that makes the game so addictive.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

This list would simply be incomplete without mentioning this heartthrob. You probably came here to confirm if it’s the best or for free. Not much needs to be said about this multiplayer shooting game and its funky character designs and victory dances. If you haven’t played it and enjoy being the last one standing give this a try.

These are just some good free games you can play on your newest Xbox system. You can find more games like these by searching on the Xbox Store. In case you have an Xbox Live Gold subscription, this month Hitman and Earth Defense Force 2025 are free for Xbox One players with two more free games coming soon so do check them out.

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