The best things about being married. If you asked a million people for their opinion on marriage you would get a million totally different answers. But statistics now show that a third of people who get married end up divorced and approximately another third end up unhappy but staying put. This can make people wonder if it is worth settling down with someone or if it is too risky. After all the odds are not good.

But people who go about it the right way, people who are mature and smart, can make sure that their marriage is right for them, works, is happy and is not lasting because of religion, ill health, money or some other need that one or both needs from the other.

There are lots of great things that we can gain and enjoy by being married and being in a healthy and happy relationship.The best place to start is to ask yourself what things you value from having a permanent and committed partner. Women will often say emotional support, financial support, their best friend, conversation, someone to go out with. Men will often say sex, a friend, fun, someone to raise their children and take care of the home. Of course, there are marriages and relationships which give partners different roles. The man may be the house husband and not be in a paid job or bringing money into the home but he may do many of the things that women used to do. The woman might be very career orientated, driven and goal focused and pay all of the bills but be quite happy with that because her man leaves her to concentrate on that and covers everything else. It does not matter, so long as both are suited to and happy with their roles.

It would not work if the man was somehow cornered into being the stay at home mom simply because he was unemployed at that time. If he is career focused and hates to be cooped up at home then his personality has to rise to the top and that has be taken into account too.
A woman might be very good at whatever profession she used to be in but perhaps now she is far more keen on being with her children.

In a good and worthwhile marriage, which tend to be the ones that last, both the husband and wife will need to feel loved, cared for, that someone is there to support them, and be their best friend. There should be no lies or secrets. They should be faithful to each other and really enjoy being together. The rest of it can vary from couple to couple. If a wife or husband does not enjoy spending time with their partner and they prefer to go out a lot or, are always wanting to invite people over because they find their partner boring, then the rot sets in and eventually they are together not not together.

Which is why the two most important steps in getting married are making sure you are compatible and suited to each other and making sure that you are suited to being in a committed long term relationship. Some marriages flounder because one or both are more suited to the single life. Others because they chose the wrong person where no amount of work can put it right. A good relationship flourishes, grows and improves with time.
If you are not feeling more comfortable and happier with your partner ten years down the line you ought to be asking yourself why and what you can do about it.

Knowing that someone is always there for you, no matter what, and that that person values you more than any other person on this planet, is a great reasons to be with someone. Having someone love you unconditionally, who is always there for you through thick and thin,sickness and health is invaluable.

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