In Los Angeles, a good suit can be the difference between meeting someone special and missing an opportunity because you weren’t dressed to impress. If you plan on attending prom this year, it’s important to invest in the right style of dress that will work with your body type, make you look your best, and most importantly, help you feel confident and relaxed on what can often be a very stressful night. Thankfully, Angelino has several designer suits that are perfect for prom or any other occasion where you need to look your best. prom suits for me, Angelino, Los Angeles

Best suits for slim guys

Angelino is a luxury menswear line that offers slim fit suits. Whether you're heading to prom, or attending your high school reunion, Angelino's suits will have you looking sharp and feeling confident. With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, there's something perfect for everyone on our list! From black suit jackets to more brightly colored prom tuxedos, Angelino has everything you need at an affordable price. Angelino’s suits are tailored to meet the needs of all men with slim body types. So, whether it’s your first prom, or your fifteenth, we have a suit for every occasion

Best suits for muscular guys

Angelino is a suit company that specializes in suits for men of all shapes and sizes, including muscular guys. They've designed suits that are perfect for this specific body type and will look awesome at prom. From the jacket to the pants, Angelino has you covered.

Angelino's Prom Collection includes styles such as:

- The Shadow Dress Suit - The Strict Suit - The Funky Suit - The Standard Suit

You can find these suits and many more online on their website!

Best suits for tall guys

Angelino has the best prom suits for tall guys in Los Angeles. These suits are perfect for a prom night and are available at our store on Wilshire Boulevard. You can come see them or order online. They range from $700 to $2,600 with many beautiful suit options to choose from. With sizes ranging from XS-5XL, it's easy to find your perfect fit! There is a variety of colors and fabrics you can pick from including wool tuxedo jackets and fabric button down shirts! Angelino carries formal wear for all body types so there is something here that everyone will love!

Angelino has men's formal wear on Wilshire Blvd. near Beverly Hills.

Best suits to flatter a great body shape

When it comes to prom suits, there are a lot of factors to consider. The first thing you need to decide is if you want a tuxedo or a suit. A tuxedo will typically be considered more formal than a suit, and the color of the suit will depend on your date's dress. For example, if she is wearing white then you should wear black. If she is wearing any other color, then your best bet is going with something like grey or navy blue. You'll also want to consider what best compliments your body shape - slim, athletic or large-framed?

Where to find these men’s prom suits

If you're looking to find the best prom suits for men in Los Angeles, Angelino is a great place to start. They offer an array of styles and colors that are perfect if you're not sure what direction you want to go with your suit. From pinstripe suits to elegant tuxedos, there's something here that will work with your needs. Plus, they have a variety of fits and sizes so everyone can be comfortable and look their best.

Final Thought

Prom is one of those occasions that has a specific dress code. Luckily, with Angelino's wide variety of suits, you're sure to find a suit that'll help you standout on prom night. But don't just take our word for it! Check out some of the best prom suits, Angelino, Los Angeles and find your perfect fit.

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