Do you want to buy the best pico projectors?

First of all, you need to know the real meaning of pico projectors and How to Choose the Best Pico Projectors.

So, a pico projector is a tiny hardware device created and designed to project content from a camera, smartphone, tablet, or memory device onto a flat surface or a wall and notebook.

So, now arises how to pick and buy the best pico projector?

Does this sound familiar?


After many types of research, we have found some critical points based on which you can easily choose and buy the best pico projector.

Please take a comprehensive look!


Do you want to project presentations with sound?


If you want to do so, then you have some specific options. The plug-in speakers basically support audio, but some other new generation pico projectors have combined tiny speakers into the device. Built-in speakers make the projectors much portable, but you sacrifice battery life, size, and performance.

For example, Anker Nebula Capsule, which is a pico projector, has the best built-in sound.


Want to take a guess?


Most of the pico projectors are like the size of a cell phone. To make them more ultraportable as more and more abilities are added; however, the projector’s weight and size increase.

Some people might select larger models cumbersomely, but most of them won’t find the extra inch or two.


Most of the pico projectors are silent, but some need fans to support a large reliable output. If you don’t like to speak over a humming fan, be attentive at the noise specs when selecting the best pico projector.

Look at another key points on behalf of that you can select the best pico projector.

Battery Life

Battery life is probably an essential aspect you must take a look in to. Some of the pico projectors, like the AAXA P2, come only with the 30-minute battery life that can leave you standing in the darkest halfway through your presentation.

If you don’t want to buy an additional upgraded battery or looking for pico projectors like 3M’s MP180 and Optoma’s PK301, that have battery lives of one and two hours.


Most of the pico projectors have at least 1gigabyte of standard storage. For multiple or large presentations, check out Adapt’s ADPP-305, which has 4GB of conventional storage.

If extra storage is vital and you don’t like the ADPP-305, select a pico projector that comes with an SD card slot so you can update your memory as required.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Are you a business traveler?

Then you should need to make more concern on this crucial point.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled pico projectors are excellent presentation tools for a business traveler. Projectors like 3M’s MP180 let you browse the internet and quickly transfer files and documents from your smartphone or computer. These projectors are basically a little larger than others, however.


Pico projectors come with a variety of resolutions but basically fall within the 640 by 480 or 800 by 600 range.

Do you want to buy the lowest-resolution pico projector?


Then it would be best if you choose LG’s eXpo smartphone, WowWee’s Cinemin Swivel, and Samsung’s Show at 480 by 320.

Do you want to purchase the highest-resolution pico projector?

Then, it would be best if you select Samsung’s i8520 Beam phone, Optoma’s PK301, at 854 by 480 and ShowWX at 848 by 480.

The Final Conclusion

The Pico projector is to be the next massive thing in the official media and home, so if you haven’t invested in these innovative devices yet, then the time is now.

With so many great Pico projectors now on the market, it is tough to select the best one.

So, follow the key points we discussed for choosing the best pico projector!

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