It makes us happy to see our car clean and sparkling and we know that you like it too. Every car lover desires a clean car. But, taking some spare time to clean it every month requires effort.

The exterior of the car is what everyone notices in the first place. Children are marveled by a shiny looking car. But, unfortunately, cleaning a car is easier said than done. It requires a little practice, the right tools, and the right car wash products to have the best outcome.

Below we share some of the best hacks to get your car super clean every time. With these hacks, you won’t need to go to the car wash because you will be able to achieve those same results at home.

Have the Right Set of Tools?

Having the required tools is important to get the desired level of cleanliness. For this purpose, you need to have the following set of tools:
● A soft sponge for cleaning the car
● A hose with different nozzles
● A few microfiber cloths
● A microfiber towel to dry the car
● A car wash or car shampoo
● A pair of clean gloves
● A vacuum cleaner or a blower for the interior of the car
● A brush to clean the mats
● Window cleaner solution
● Wheel cleaner brush

Having the right kind of car wash product is important. Regular shampoos or detergents will not be able to provide enough lubrication. Lubrication is necessary for preventing the car from getting scratches and maintaining the interior of the car.

Moreover, keep at least two buckets. One should have soapy water in it, and the other should have clean water to rinse out the dirty foam or cloth.

Hack to Clean the Headlights

Headlights are difficult to clean. They lose their shine with time and degrade the appearance of the car. Among a few hacks to clean headlights is using toothpaste. Rubbing toothpaste gently on the headlights can remove stains from its glass.

You can also firmly rub a toothpaste-laden cloth on headlights. Be sure to spend at least 5 minutes or more to allow the toothpaste to work its charm.

Clean the Mats

Interior mats are usually black, and sometimes people think they are clean. However, there’s a lot of dust and dirt accumulated on them that is not healthy. Cleaning your mats is necessary to improve the overall cleanliness of your car.

You can clean your mats by taking them out and washing them with detergent. Also, use a brush to take out the smaller particles. Wash them with water and let them dry in the open air to remove any smell.

Always Start from The Top for Interior

When cleaning the interior of your car, many people make this mistake of cleaning the mats or floor first. This is wrong because the dust from the dashboard, panels, etc. will again rise and settle on the car’s floor.
It’s better to start by cleaning the dashboard and windows first. Vacuum the door panels, console, or headliner before. Brush everything thoroughly and afterward, clean the mats as mentioned above.

Clean That Debris Behind the Seat

You will need to clean the debris behind the seats if you want to have a properly cleaned car. For that, you need to vacuum the seats from behind, back, and underneath. Also, take out any trash you may have in the door’s pockets.

Clean the seats and remove any kind of stains they may have on them. You can use baking soda and a water solution to clear leathery seats.

Clean Every Window and Glass

You don’t want to have to squint out your windows while driving, right? There are few steps you need to take to clean your windows smartly. Tinted glass can be cleaned using a cleaner sprayed on a paper towel. Rub the towel in different directions to remove stains completely.

Standard glass can be cleaned using soapy water and a microfiber cloth. Moreover, there are formulated products for cleaning stubborn stains on the windows and glass. We recommend using baking soda as well for this purpose. Allow the baking soda to remain on the stain for a few seconds and then clean it using a microfiber cloth.

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