A growing number of studies agree to the fact that essentials oils work wonders for hair growth. Essential oils like cedarwood, rosemary, lavender, and thyme, when mixed with carrier oils like grapeseed oil and jojoba oil and massaged on scalp, combat hair loss.

Here are glimpses of the best essential oils for hair loss.

Lavender essential oil

Lavender is well-known for its relaxing and sleep-inducing properties. Recent studies show that it can soothe dry scalp skin and hair. Also, lavender is a stress-buster. And everybody knows that stress affects hair health. It can even trigger hair loss. So, use lavender to manage your stress and massage it on the scalp to give your follicles a boost.

And don’t forget, lavender carries anti-fungal property. So, if your scalp has dandruff, this is the oil for you.

Rosemary essential oil

Rosemary rubs shoulders with minoxidil! According to studies, its hair-growing property is similar to that of minoxidil. Added advantage? Rosemary causes no side effects; minoxidil may.

The icing on the cake is: rosemary can lower the amount of DHT in blood. Whoa! This truly is the oil you must have on your scalp!

Thyme essential oil

Thyme comes with a package of benefits. Combine it with other essential oils like cedarwood, lavender, and rosemary and the package enlarges.

Thyme has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties. So, it’s a great remedy for scalp inflammation, which usually happens with high level of DHT. It cleanses your scalp of infections and fights dandruff.

It’s a known thing that hormone imbalances can cause hair loss. In women, low estrogen and high progesterone can cause hair loss. Thyme helps tobalanceprogesterone and estrogen hormones. Bonus benefit!

Peppermint essential oil

A study performed on mice used 3 per cent peppermint oil for 4 weeks. It caused appreciable hair growth effects with zero toxicity.

Well, you aren’t mice, but you can still benefit from this essential oil!

First, dig this: peppermint essential oil is antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial, and antioxidant –phew!

Next, it’s packed with the best vitamins for hair growth, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids. It cools scalp skin, so is a great remedy for an itchy scalp.

Do you really want to miss on these benefits?

You can easily mix a few drops of essential oil in a sulfate-free shampoo and cleanse your hair with this wonderful formula.

Other equally good essential oils include lemon grass, clary sage, ylang ylang, tea tree, and carrot seed.

Choose an essential oil today and start your natural-based hair loss treatment. Your tresses deserve them.

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