Shy people often struggle with achieving success in the workplace. This frequently happens because they choose bad careers for them. Fortunately, it can be solved or avoided.

Due to the fact that they’re not very comfortable dealing with people, shy individuals need to pay special attention to the careers they choose. A shy person can be highly productive and successful, but they need to pick their career field wisely.

The main idea is that shy people will naturally have a better fit with careers that involve minimum and predictable social contact. If you are shy, this doesn’t mean you should avoid any career filed that implies significant social contact.

However, if you pick such a filed, know that you’ll have to overcome a significant part of your shyness before you can see results in your professional life. Depending on your particular situation and passions, this may be something you want to do or not.

With this in mind, here are some good careers for shy people. If you are shy, you’ll definitely want to consider them.

1. Financial Careers

Timid individuals frequently work better with numbers than with other people. If you are good at math, finances or numeric analysis, a career in the financial sector is definitely something to take into account.

Particular jobs you want to look at are accountant, financial analyst and financial auditor. If you perform well in your job, you can advance towards more challenging financial jobs and you can thrive in this field.

2. Technical Jobs

The field of technology is packed with jobs that require a lot of technical, analytical intelligence but little social contact and social skills. You will spend most of the time in front of a computer or doing hands-on technical work.

Jobs in this area that might interest you include software programmer, technical engineer, IT specialist, mechanic or electric engineer. The level of required education inside this niche can very a lot so there are opportunities for everybody.

3. Research Work

Timid individuals often make good researchers. They are fascinated by ideas; they love to study, to experiment, to understand things. If this is your case, the field of research is surely one you’ll want to check out.

Research work is available in many areas, from health to food, from technology to psychology. Basically, for every professional field there is also a connected area of scientific research that you can tap into.

4. Creative Design

It is also common for people who are shy to be very creative and have a vivid imagination. This is why you want to consider jobs that involve creating and designing

Such jobs can range from copywriting in the advertising industry, to website design, to composing music, to writing articles. If you become really known and respected as a creative person in a filed, you can have a highly rewarding career.

These are some good careers for shy people. Feel free to explore them deeper and see which one rings a bell for you. If none of these fields resonates with you, it may be a signed that deep down you are much more of a socially oriented person.

If this is the case, you shyness is something you want to overcome and then choose a much more social career. It is fitting your career field with your core personality that generates professional fulfillment the most.

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Eduard Ezeanu is a communication coach with an attitude-based approach. If you enjoyed this article, also learn how to be more outgoing and discover how to overcome shyness from two peak articles on his People Skills Decoded blog.