Everyone wants an improved brain and parents are desperate to make sure that their children are good in school. That is why brain-enhancing supplements are very popular and they sell like hotcakes. However, what most of us do not realize is that the best brain enhancers can actually be found in your own kitchen.

When we shop for food, we consider two things, our family's health and the flavor of the food. However, over the last decade, the way people shop for their daily essentials have been influenced more by what is healthy rather than what is delicious. Good taste is now being treated as a big no-no in consuming food. Some people would rather eat tasteless and bland food to ensure their health rather than complicate it with sweets and delectable choices.

Between the choice of health and taste, some people have completely ignored the fact that there are certain foods that enhance the power of the human brain. If you are health conscious, you may not be very fond of eating some of these brain enhancers.

Coffee is considered as one of the most effective brain enhancers. Why do you think there are just some people that cannot function properly prior to their first cup of coffee in the morning? It is a stimulant that gives its needed boost to think effectively. Coffee-drinkers are good at short term recall and have higher IQ levels as well as verbal memory. What's good about coffee is that drinking it is actually a part of normal living and there is no need to incorporate it, specifically into your diet.

Chocolates are great brain enhancers, and that is a fact. They may be sweet and not good for the diet, but they do work like coffee in stimulating the minds into action. A piece of chocolate contains flavonols that are good at fighting free radicals. So in a way, chocolates are good for both mind and body. Chocolates have been used since the ancient times by ancient civilizations. If you want to consume chocolates in a healthy way, you can try using cocoa powder rather than eating those delicious and tempting chocolate bars. However, if you want more amounts of antioxidants, dark chocolate is your best bet. Basically, the flavonols in chocolate helps in maintaining healthy blood vessels, which reduce that possibility of developing diabetes.

Nuts just like chocolates are considered as sinful foods by the health-conscious people, but they are also some of the best brain enhancers you can find in your kitchen. Here are some types of nuts that give our brain a boost.

Peanuts are of course on top of the list. The good thing about these nuts is that they are available everywhere, and they are very affordable. You can even use them in your daily diet easily by combining them with other dishes. They can be also eaten raw, fried, or boiled.

Another kind of nuts is walnuts. They are tasty, healthy and great brain enhancers. They are actually the healthiest nuts in the world and when you add them to your vegetable salad, you get more beneficial nutrients from your dessert.

There are more brain enhancers that you can easily find in your own kitchen, you just need to know more about them so that you do not have to rely on synthetic supplements for your brain power. Keep your eyes wide open and be resourceful!

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