If you are an employee or an entrepreneur, you know very well that the smartphone is an indispensable tool, almost an extension of your desk to always carry with you. Here then are the best apps for Android to download, if you have a mobile that supports this operating system.
An app, let us recall on the fly, is an application software specifically designed for smartphones and tablets and designed to perform specific and targeted functions. The apps are divided into native and web apps. Graphically, the apps are represented on the device screen, with icons and the icons are marked with a badge in the upper left. This badge (red or blue in color) indicates not yet read notifications. To install an app that is not present by default on your mobile phone and to fully customize the device, you must download it from the Google Play Store (App Store, in the case of iOS). Some applications are free, others for a fee.
The best Android apps for email
Emails are an extremely important corporate communication and communication tool between clients. It is not the only way to communicate, of course, but it is one of the most used especially in those notifications that require a certain formality. Which app offering this service can you download? By default on your Android smartphone, you will find the Gmail app. This is the official Android app for receiving and sending emails from a Google Mail account. Of course, you have to set it up with your account details and if you don't have Gmail you can use it with other POP / IMAP accounts like Outlook, Yahoo and others. This was made possible after a 2014 Gmail app update.
If you don't want to use the Gmail app, here are 3 other great Android apps to check email on your smartphone, compatible with most email accounts.
Samsung Email. One of the best free Android apps to manage email. With this app you can also manage corporate email accounts (Exchange ActiveSync) and customize notifications, privacy settings, synchronization (with the desktop equivalent) and for spam management
Microsoft Outlook for Android. Who doesn't know Outlook? Well, there is also an app version for Android, to always carry with you. It can be configured with any email account and is very easy to use and smooth in execution. Great for corporate addresses, it is synchronized with Outlook for desktop and can also synchronize with your smartphone's calendar and address book, so you don't miss any scheduled appointments
MyMail. Do you often work on both mobile and tablet? This app is for you, so you can manage your email in a perfectly synchronized and optimized way by switching from one device to another. It is one of the latest Android email apps and can be configured with all services that support IMAP / POP3, including Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook and iCloud.
The best Android apps to record phone calls
It could happen, especially in some work contexts or when you don't have a pen and paper to take notes, to have to record phone calls. In this case, here are some Android apps that you can download to your device that are ready to use.
ACR. It's called that and you can find it, of course on the Google Play Store. It is one of the most popular apps for recording the phone calls you receive on your smartphone and it is free. Once downloaded, just allow it to access the microphone and ACR records incoming and outgoing phone calls which are then stored in memory. They can also be shared with contacts
Call Recorder - Record Auto Calls (by Giga Studio). For free, with this app, you can record any two-way call, with maximum sound quality with no limit of minutes or calls. Excellently reviewed on the Play Store, it is a valid support if you need to record your phone calls.
Cube Call Recorder. Unlike other apps to record phone calls, this one allows you to record VoIP as well. It means that you can record not only cellular calls but also those from WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, WeChat, etc. Very useful, therefore, even in work contexts where VoIP is widely used or when you are abroad for work.
The best Android apps for project management
If you manage a team of professionals or if you are a freelancer working on different projects with different clients, we recommend that you also download an app if you want to Create an App Like Uber for project management on your smartphone (of course, the same one you use on the desktop and perfectly synchronized with it). So, if you need on-the-fly confirmation or if you have to respond to a request from your team, mobility is not an obstacle. As for the previous paragraphs, we recommend 3.
1. Asana. Free and “not to be missed” application for Android allows you to recreate on your smartphone the bulletin board with the projects you are following on the desktop. With Asana via mobile you can consult your projects, respond to collaborators, add tags and tasks, consult your “to-do list “and so on. The app is perfectly synchronized with the corresponding desktop
2. Slack. One of the industry leaders for remote teams who need to communicate on shared projects. You can also, within the app, make video calls (free feature) or real video conferences (paid version). With Slack via mobile you can communicate with the members of your project, share and edit documents, customize notifications. The app integrates seamlessly with other management apps and some bots
3. Trello is the version for smartphones Android in the corresponding software for project management. With Trello, you can organize anything you're working on in boards and always have everything at hand. You can assign tasks to your collaborators, add and update checklists, upload photos and videos, and attach files from Dropbox and / or Google Drive. All in absolute mobility and without ever turning on the computer. Within Google Play it is marked as an “app not to be missed”.
Now you know what very useful apps you can download on your smartphone, as well as apps for the weather, to download music, to edit photos and for all the entertainment that an advanced mobile phone is able to give to its owner.

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