"Your recent investment in a smart phone can be over stretched in a debate being droid the centre of all the discussions held."

So if a scintillating tablet or an I-pad made your fantasies stay still for a while, then android may help you sustain your passion for web designing perfectly. In Android app store you can easily find the best applications based on designing and portable picture editors. So, you can now get the full fledged experience of web design on your smart phone itself. Since the probability of improvement in Android apps is much expected, there are numerous augmented reality applications, 3D games, reference apps, productivity tools and editing tools. Various design related applications are available for designers and are certainly easy to use.

Here is the collection of few amazing android apps available for website designers helpful in photography or designing. Help yourself find the best applications crowded in App markets as mention:

• AndFTP (Free): The application may prove being beneficiary if you require accessing your web server frequently. It is a free application, which comes powered with Java and gives proper access to web server through mobiles. You can easily upload, view and update your files from any android smart phone available. If you need to perform something urgent then perhaps, AndFTP (Free) is the best solution for a web designer. It gives proper support to FTP, SFTP and FTPS and renders user friendly and self explanatory user interface.

• Silver Edit (Paid): It’s an easy application to edit the source codes under affordable prices. You can edit easy codes that complete HTML, CSS and PHP files and really work wonder for your own benefits. It’s easy to complete your work and save your time anytime it’s suitable for you. If you can add up the features of Silver Edit and AndFTP then certainly you can very well develop and market a business website easily.

• Color Dictionary: It makes affordably easy for anyone who wants references on traditional colors all over the world. This may include global colors, traditional colors of US, UK and France. Color combination provided is RGB/HEX/CMYK/Lab values and other color analysis.

• Adobe Photoshop: Adobe’s Photoshop is not that compatible compared to the rich desktop version but it still provide the basic functionalities better. For example an Android Photoshop can easily crop various images, rotate it, filter and make certain adjustments with saturation level.

Take proper look at applications and download the best you can as android has certainly improved the designing experience very well. Consider the best application for your Android Smartphone today and experience all the new features like never before.

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