It’s extremely important and is a sensitive topic, as a man goes older to manhood he needs to find answers to some new questions. Like how to deal with pubic hairs and how to get rid of ball hairs safety. Let’s discuss some top tips to shave/trim your ball hairs.

1) Using the right tools:

Using the right tools is extremely necessary, not just for your hygiene, but also to prevent you from encountering any kind of skin irritation. For the ease of the user, the recommendation we would provide you with is an electric trimmer or a safety razor, however, keep in mind that you can’t use the same razor you use on your face to shave your pubic area as you need something that is specifically designed for the task.

An electric trimmer shaves pretty close to the surface of your skin and provides you with that smooth and desirable surface.

A safety razor at this point will minimize the skin drag and cut the hair from its growing point. The best way to use a safety razor is to keep the skin stretched, flow the razor in accordance with the direction of the hair, and obviously, do not apply to much force against the skin as this would necessarily lead to cuts or probabilities of infection.

2) Pre-trim and shower:

This part is very important for an easy, comfortable, and hygienic shave. Taking a shower is particularly important because firstly, this leads to the softening of your pubic hair which allows for the shave to become easier and faster than if it were to be dry. Secondly, it allows for the bacteria to be removed alongside your pubic area/hair. Henceforth, even if you were to get a cut, it highly reduces the probability of an infection or a rash.

Pre-trim is a process that is necessary, even if you’re using a safety razor. This process is used for the same reason as for why you don’t use a safety razor directly on a long or average length beard. It basically makes your hair stick inside the blade and then tears are out rather than cutting it.

3) Use a pre-shave oil:

The protection of your skin, especially if it is particularly more sensitive than the rest of the skin present on your body, is very important. The usage of a pre-shave oil leads to the lubrication of that area, hence it softens the hair allowing for a smoother and easier shave. It helps the razor blade glide across the surface of the skin and not cutting it. The oil would also additionally, nourish the skin.

The reason why shaving cream would not be recommended is due to the fact that you need to keep track of your progression under there. Shaving cream is opaque and you need a translucent substance for that.

4) Flexibility, stretching of the skin, and relaxation:

This is recommended for both safety razors and electric trimmers users. This is also very specifically important when shaving your scrotum as the bumps/folds of your skin can get into the teeth of the razor or block that area from being shaved.

It’s recommended that you do some stretches before shaving your pubic area, allowing the skin to loosen slightly, allowing for an easier shave. Lastly, an important area over here is to relax. Shaving your pubic area can definitely be frustrating, so it’s imperative that you keep your calm.

5) Rinse in cool water:

After completing the shaving process, it’s always better to rinse your pubic area with cold water. This is important because it aids in the closing of the pores on your private area and it will also minimize the existence of any ingrown hair.

6) Preparing for stubbles:

It only takes from one to a maximum of three days for you to grow your stubble on your pubic area back. Stubbles are annoying because they cause irritation on the skin as well as causes very itchy skin. This is particularly irritating, but if you’re looking to shave completely for a special event, always remember to do it a day before that special day of yours. This will minimize itch and irritation. An additional tip would be to use hair conditioner right after you shower, this will put an additional coat on top of the hair that will be growing and allow for less itch and irritation on the skin.

7) Understanding what to do if things go wrong:

There’s always a probability of you cutting your skin, especially when you can’t always properly see where you’re cutting or trimming your pubic hair. The worst-case scenario is that you’ve cut yourself, what to do now? Firstly, it is necessary that you wash the area that has been cut with soap and water, apply pressure to that area for 10 minutes, apply a bandage on top of that and wait until the scab/clot has been cracked to resume that shaving of your private area. The application of any petroleum-based ointments is also recommended, to apply on the cut(s).

8) Applying after-shave balm:

After being done with the shaving process, apply a thin yet generous layer of after shave. Don’t worry, it won’t sting like a bit of alcohol on your face after you shave, however it will help in keep the pubic area cool and will aid in the prevention of any bacteria buildup overnight or throughout the day in that sweaty area.

9) Daily application of lotion:

Last, but definitely not the least of any of the steps provided to you above. After you’ve done the shaving of your pubic area, which is not the end of the process, you also need to prevent any coarse hair from growing to keep your future shaves in comfort and calm.

The daily process of applying any moisturizer on your pubic area will make the hair and the skin smooth, as well as remove any bacteria which is accompanied by a negative odor and will prevent any rashes or soring of the skin through friction with any kind of clothing material.

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