If it is necessary to make a list of the essential destinations in Europe, without a doubt, Italy would be in the first place. With dreamlike landscapes and a tourist offer as rich as its culture, Italy, in addition to offering us history, is also a destination where fun is part of the experience. Today we will talk about the best amusement parks in Italy, the ones that are most worth visiting if you are on vacation in the country.
The best amusement parks in Italy
New Fiabilandia, Rimini
Located in the popular city of Rimini, towards the Adriatic coast of Italy, Fiabilandia is one of the most important amusement parks in the country. Founded in 1965, Fiabilandia offers games and activities suitable for the little ones in the house.
Its fantasy atmosphere, where medieval and fairytale references abound, make this Italian amusement park an eye-catching place for children. Between figures of fantastic animals, with bright colors and themed music, Fiabilandia will give your holidays a different touch, combining the traditional amusement parks with proposals such as the Forest of Floating Trunks and the Valley of the Gnomes.
Movieland: The Hollywood Park, Lazise
If your family enjoys movie sets and everything that has to do with the wonderful world of cinema, then you cannot miss the city of Lazise, ​​in the province of Verona. There is the Movieland amusement park: The Hollywood Park.
Owned by the famous Cavena World Resort, this amusement park is set with dozens of film-related themes, such as safari tours, spooky houses and roller coasters with futuristic settings such as Android 3D and Back to the Bacsktage , where you can enjoy a ride in a time machine on high
It does not have the level of Orlando amusement parks on cinema, but it does deserve a place on the list.
Etna land Park, Catania
On the other hand, if your destination for this vacation is Sicily, then you shouldn't miss one of its most impressive amusement parks, the Etnaland Park, located at the foot of the Etna volcano, in the city of Catania. Its attractions offer everything from roller coasters to water slides, which can be used by children and adults.
With the perfect balance of high-altitude fun and water everywhere with Italy travel guide, Etnaland Amusement Park offers families the incredible Hip-Hop Coaster, a roller coaster where the rails go to the beat of music. Also, if what you are looking for is to enjoy the warm climate of the area, then Etnaland's internal water park, The Aquapark , is simply perfect! Well, it offers you slides of different speeds, rivers of water and one of the largest pool complexes in Europe.
Aquafan, Riccione
With its 10,000 square meters of fun, the Aquafan amusement park is one of the largest amusement parks in all of Italy. Its striking proposal in water attractions makes this place, located on the Romagnola Riviera, a perfect place to enjoy with the family and the permanent sun of the coast.
In the Aquafan amusement park you will find countless interesting activities. Its offer in slides is mainly represented by The Black Hole, a slide 208 meters long and 19 meters high that will make you feel all the adrenaline in the world.
If you prefer to swim without much agitation, you can opt for the wave pool.
Rainbow Magicland, Rome
In addition to having an impressive number of historical places to visit in Rome, it also has one of the most important amusement parks in all of Italy, the Rainbow Magicland. Being located in the Italian capital, this amusement park is one of the most visited in the country.
With more than 38 attractions available, which stand out in the landscape of the city, Rainbow Magicland offers from thematic places such as Tonga, an area of ​​the park that offers the little ones a zoological experience, to roller coasters that will make you feel the maximum adrenaline possible with a speed of 100 k / m per hour in a few seconds.
By the way, if you are going to spend a few days in the city with the family, take a look at an article with several recommended monuments to visit Rome with children and have a great time.
Gardaland Park, Verona
Located in the splendid province of Verona, the Gardaland amusement park is the perfect combination of children's attractions and adult attractions, since the distribution of its park - which has more than 30 attractions - offers shows and entertainment for all ages.
In this amusement park you will find slides and roller coasters of medium speed and height for the little ones in the house, such as the Foresta Incantata and the Sequoia Magic Loop , a roller coaster where the fun begins from the first lap.
For older adults, the Blue Tornado and Shaman are available , a tour that will make you experience an environment dedicated to Native American culture.
Just over an hour by bus you have the option of visiting Venice . I highly recommend it. As you will see in the article in the previous link, it is a beautiful city that should also be visited out of season and outside of tourist hours.
Considered one of the most popular and popular amusement parks for children in Italy, Leolandia Park does know how to perfectly combine fun, games and all the magic of amusement parks.
This Italian amusement park has 40 strLeolandia Park, Bergamo
hiking attractions throughout its terrain, among which six thematic areas stand out that they offer: roller coasters, such as the Wroom , trains, slides, swings and even an area called Minitalia , where the little ones can know the most outstanding monuments of Italy in one place.
From Bergamo you can take advantage and make a getaway to visit Milan in one day . Although it may seem a short time, it is enough to travel a large part of the city.
Cavallino Matto, Tuscany
With more than forty years old, the Cavallino Matto amusement park is the largest in Tuscany and the one that attracts the highest tourist flow annually between the months of March and October. So, if the date of your trip to Italy coincides with those months, write it down.
Its modern proposal changes over the years. In 2019 a new area called Río Jurasico opened a walking tour where the family can enjoy the history of dinosaurs. This amusement park also has roller coasters, slides, and even swings such as its Flying Swinger attraction, which will let you observe the striking landscape of the Cavallino Matto from above.
We hope you liked this compilation of amusement parks in Italy and that it encourages you to organize a trip. If you want to add any more to the list you can leave it in the comments.

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