According to the Daily Mail, the declined fertility in men is closely related to age, even change every year. By the time men reached 41 and 45, the fertility rate fell by 7% per year. After 45, it dropped more quickly. At the annual meeting of the American Society of reproductive medicine, a paper said that men of this age had an average failure rate of 45 % in IVF.

The battle of male sperm quality protection

1. do exercise, but moderate:

A healthy sportsperson, of course, can expect his sperm to be as good as his skin, heart, and muscle. But sports are not the more, the better. Studies have shown that the body of a sports maniac man releases more steroids, which may affect pregnancy.

2. be alert to hot water bath and sauna:

Testis needs to produce sperm 1-1.5 degrees Celsius lower than average temperature. High temperature can inhibit spermatogenesis of the testis, although it is only temporary.

3. keep balanced nutrition:

No raw materials, no good sperm factory can produce high-quality products. Experts found that lack of folate and zinc can lead to insufficient sperm count. Healthy sperm needs lean meat, fish, milk, and vegetables to ensure protein, vitamins, and trace elements.

4. eat organic food:

The pesticide in food may affect the quality of sperm. It doesn't matter for a day, but the long-term accumulation effect is hard to say. Rice, flour, oil, and vegetables consumed every day in the family are worth spending more on organic ones.

5. avoid depression and excessive fatigue:

A man who has been in a state of depression and fatigue for a long time may have low libido. In this case, do you expect to get high-quality sperm?

6. quit smoking:

It may be the most critical part of all the external environments that affect pregnancy. Smoking can dramatically reduce male (and female) reproductive capacity and fertility. It can reduce the number and activity of sperm. According to statistics, the sperm count of male smokers is 17% lower than the average. Passive smoking is also a severe problem that can reduce the pregnancy rate significantly. But the good news is that men who quit smoking have an 800 percent increase in sperm count.

7. regulate sexual habits:

If a man ignores sexual hygiene, the damage will be valuable fertility. The bacteria in sexual life have an upward infection, causing repeated inflammation of fallopian tubes. It may lead to tubal obstruction and eventually infertility.

If he has sexually transmitted diseases, he should pay more attention to treatment. Because sexually transmitted infections can cause infertility in two ways. First, it can cause prostatitis, epididymitis, vasectomy and seminal vesiculitis, which affect the storage, survival, and output of sperm, resulting in male infertility. Second, it infects women, causes inflammation of female reproductive system, and causes female infertility.

Patients with blocked fallopian tubes caused by inflammation can select the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill for treatment. For some sperm problems caused by prostatitis, epididymitis, and seminal vesiculitis, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can cure them and improve the quality of sperm.

8. choose a sophisticated bicycle seat:

If a man often rides a bicycle, it's a friendly and healthy way to keep fit. However, if the bicycle seat is narrow, it may cause chronic labor damage and congestion of the prostate and other accessory gonads, aggravate chronic inflammation, and affect sperm formation. So, change a broader seat that can spread the pressure across the hip.

Men who are preparing for pregnancy should pay attention to protect their sperm. Also, have a baby as early as possible due to the chance for a man to have a baby will continue to decline when he reaches 41.

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