Many people are choosing to stay in and work from home because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The need to maintain social distancing for our safety comes at a price. And our social life is paying that price.

On the other hand, time spent with family has gone up. And for that reason, there are ingenious ways people are making their home a more comfortable place to stay. Pools, RV’s , Home Improvement projects like outdoor kitchens and firepits, are soaring to record level sales. Boats, and recreation that keeps the family unit more isolated than say a trip to NYC is more popular and in demand than ever.

One Florida business leading that charge is RJ Staab Stone Company offering custom hurricane proof outdoor kitchens, fire pits, fireplaces and living areas. The trend to upgrade the backyard is driving an exciting trend to home improvement and likely your next summer vacation.

For instance, our backyards.

The Backyard Vacation - Staycation Upgrade Trend
There’s a backyard upgrade trend catching on. The idea is to make the space behind your home more comfortable for entertainment, recreation, and refreshments.
In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to some amazing ideas for upgrading your backyard, the amenities you can install, and what other people are doing that you’d like to bring to your home.

Entertainment During Covid-19

For entertainment, TVs or projectors, comfortable outdoor seatings, hot tubs, and the usual swimming pool are some of the best ideas.

Some people even get their own outdoor fireplace—it decorates the space, entertains friends and family, and transforms the landscape. The options available for outdoor fireplaces are usually affordable and endless. You can fuel them with natural gas, wood, and other options that are good for the environment.

It has an amazing way of bringing the family together.
So you can add an outdoor entertainment system to this, and instantly, your backyard is a dream location. Just ensure to maintain the look and feel like an extension of your home.

Also, you can extend your patio to create a lavish and high functioning space to host your pleasant relaxation.
Where can we go this summer to avoid Covid-19? How about your own backyard Staycation.

Thinking of a fascinating way to bring some refreshment to your backyard relaxation? Get an outdoor kitchen.
Apart from the romantic appeal of outdoor cooking and dining, this ties the family together even tighter. Something different for that extra spice.
For the decor: countertops, flooring, cooking appliances, and storage may be quite different from that of the indoor kitchen. You’ll want to go with options that have a more natural feeling so it blends into the outdoor environment.

You can also have your own barbecue installed here too.
Avoiding Covid-19 and Enjoying Outdoor Recreation
Swimming pools are one of the most common features in a backyard for recreation.

They’re wonderful for a lot of reasons. Here are a few of them:
● they’re great for keeping fit,
● an excellent way to host outdoor social events, and,
● they add to home value

For the kids, you can get some playground equipment like a swing, merry-go-round, or a seesaw. Just ensure you have a space that’s safe enough for these.

Thinking of Upgrading your Backyard?

These features are amazing, but they usually cost some amount of money to maintain. That’s something worth keeping in mind, so you don’t add more than you can keep.
You’ll also want to think about how much space you have available and how private it is.For privacy, you can fence it with aluminum, wood, stones, shrubs, etc.
With sufficient space, budget, and imagination, you can create a wonderful backyard to make staying at home during this pandemic much more pleasurable.

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