Okay, so you have heard about Cesar Milan, the dog whisperer and I am sure you have heard about the movie, “The Horse Whisperer,” starring Robert Redford…but do you know what a “baby whisperer” is?

We have seen children whispering amongst themselves as if they were sharing the deepest secret. What if I told you that inside you is the secret – the inner child that is desperately trying to escape from the confines of your current way of life? Yes, inside you is the “infant” that yearns for love, affection, acceptance and nurturing. As a “baby whisperer”, I am able to speak to that inner child — that innate life force that seeks to be understood so that it can grow and grow to become the you that you are intended to be. There is so much potential that awaits you if you are willing to whisper to that small, helpless infant: “I recognize you. You are special. You are a part of me. Let’s explore this world and this life together.”

For just one moment, I want you to reflect on that small baby…that “little you” that is screaming to break out of its shell. You have been sheltering this tiny infant and have put up a mental barrier to protect it from any potential emotional wounds… or perhaps you have locked that small infant away so that you do not have to open yourself up to the nakedness of who you really are. That is where I come in… through guided meditation, visualization and intuitive coaching, I bring to your life what Cesar Milan and Robert Redford have brought to canines and equines but on a deeper, more spiritual and personal level to help you unleash the powerful energy that resides deep inside you. No longer must you lock away the tiny heartbeat longing to shine in the world…now is your moment, now is your life – are you really ready to live it?

The Baby Whisperer Vol 7: Baby Whispering: What's it all about?
By Joan Marie Whelan The Baby Whisperer

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Intuitive Life Mastery Coach and THE BABY WHISPERER WITH JOAN MARIE ™, Joan Marie Whelan, brings the art of heart and soul bonding to the lives of parents and children, pre-conception - in vitro and beyond! Learn more here: The Baby Whisperer with Joan Marie