The era of the infamous snap has begun. The world is now half-empty, literally. Thanos is feeling proud of himself and the avengers endgame collection… well; whatever is left of them is a big surprise. From what looked like a promising number to easily beat Thanos with the limitless tech and brute force of superhuman strength, which is a lethal combination, looked like a winning situation on paper – that’s until Thanos simply wiped them out with a snap of his gigantic fingers. Within a matter of minutes, the entire world was wiped half-clean and the unbreakable members faced their first loss.

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Just like any great battle, the soldiers give their lives for the greater good and the ones that are left have a stronger motive to come back stronger. The remaining members of the team are looking for retribution when they plan to take down the Mad Titan, who now seems to retire after accomplishing his mission. There are many car racing games on android play store but the best is to play offline car racing games on your android phone. When a full army couldn’t take down the biggest nemesis of the Avengers, the question of what can the living members do about it now arises.

After two mind-blowing Avengers Endgame trailers, it is all but certain that the remaining Avengers will be rejoined by an archer, a thief-turned hero and an human who received alien powers after supposedly being kidnapped. Regardless of who had what as a past life, the matter for each and every Avengers member is to find a way to dig in themselves and find the might to beat Thanos. The latest trailer was a clear indication who all are still alive.

This image comes to us from Screen Rant. There is something a lot to do with the standard way that the Avengers look. Firstly, when we go back to the Avengers: Infinity War, we can notice that Ant-Man was not there as he was trapped in the Quantum Realm. Secondly, Black Widow has red hair whereas she had white hair with a bob cut hairstyle. Here she sports the long red locks. Thirdly, Captain of America has shaved his beard that Thor stated Cap copied his style. Fourthly, and most importantly, everyone has custom-made suits that have nothing do with their logos as a solo superhero. These costumes are known as the Quantum Realm suits.

Of course, from a large number that featured double digits, we only get to see eight Avengers in the two trailers. The Avengers that are left in Avengers: Endgame are Captain America, Hawkeye (Ronin), War Machine, Ant-Man, Black Widow, Nebula, Thor, Captain Marvel, and everyone’s favorite and the pioneer of the Marvel phases, Iron Man.

So the team stands no chance. Or, do they?

Thanos still possesses the Infinity Stones and the Infinity Gauntlet is still melted to his hand. With Ant-Man returning from an impossible place, that same place could be the one where the Avengers have to make their way into in order to stop Thanos from getting all the stones or even creating their own to overthrow Thanos. The time travelling starts April 26, 2019.

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