Why Are AODD Pumps So Popular In Hungary?

Air-operated double diaphragm pumps (AODD) were first introduced to the market over six decades ago, they have since evolved significantly to become one of the most popular, and commonly used pumps. Most pump dealers, including Grundfos pumps dealers in Hungary, sell AODD pumps. AODD pumps are extremely popular because there are several advantages to be found on AODD pumps that are not available in other pump types. For example, AODD pumps are extremely flexible in terms of discharge, and pressure. Pump manufacturers offer a range of sizes, which means pump users can choose between different sized pumps, to deliver water at different pressurized rates.

AODD pumps operate using air pressure, which means it does not require any electricity, or fuel to operate. Thus, a number of potential hazards are removed from a setting, making the AODD one of the safest pumps used in Hungary. The AODD pump can even be submerged in water because of its sealed design, and there are no risks of the water pump short circuiting. AODD pumps can be made out of different materials, making it highly customizable, for any purpose. Hence, AODD pumps can be used for transporting different types of substances.

AODD Pumps Are Easy To Use And Transportable

Most water pumps cannot run dry because parts might breakdown, or components might not have sufficient lubrication. However, this is not the case with AODD pumps because they are capable of running dry, without any damage to the internal components. AODD pumps can even be programmed to shut down should water levels be too high, without incurring huge repair bills. An AODD pump is lightweight, and can be transported easily, hence a Grundfos pumps dealer in Hungary, can transport AODD pumps, without damaging any of the internal components.

An AODD pump can be transported easily because it features a relatively simple set up, and is extremely easy to use. The simple set up of an AODD pump means that it is extremely easy to take apart, and clean, compared to other types of water pumps. The simple design of an AODD pump means that it is easy to use, compared to other water pumps, many users have described this type of pump as 'plug and play' pump. The simplicity, flexibility, and versatility of the AODD pump are the reasons why it is used for a number of applications in Hungary, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, paint, food processing, and even electronics.

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Jerome Julian writes about Grundfos water pumps and other water pumps, based on his research about pumps in Hungary.