Objectives Of Diabetic Orthotics And Footwear

Irrespective of the stage and severity of diabetic condition you are suffering from, wearing the right shoe insert is an integral part of the overall treatment regime. In advanced conditions such as neuropathy and lack of sensation, wearing the right footwear is essential. When trying to find what would be the best orthotic for your condition, it is best to consult a podiatrist for medical advice.

There are a number of key objectives of footwear specially designed for diabetics. When suffering from this condition, any area which is subjected to excessive pressure could lead to the occurrence of ulcers due to skin breakage. Therefore this type of shoe insert serves to ease pressure off these high-pressure areas. They also are deigned to reduce shock and shear force which are the vertical and horizontal forces applied to feet during motion. Overall, orthotics create more stability and promote better functionality of foot muscles. Therefore they help alleviate joint problems and pain, reduce inflammation, and provide more comfort.

Benefits Offered Through The Best Insoles

In the early stages of diabetes where little or no complications have set in, you could make do with properly fitting shoes. These may be shoes with inbuilt shock absorbing soles or you could use off-the-shelf shoe inserts available to get some additional comfort. There are various types of footwear which are either prescription grade or more general varieties available over-the-counter. They also not only come in different sizes but in different shapes as well to better suit individual patient needs. These types include:

  • Healing shoes
  • In-depth shoes
  • External shoe modifications
  • Orthotics and inserts
  • Custom-made shoes

Such inserts and insoles mainly serve to correct and provide comfort to foot and ankle problems without the need for surgery. They provide treatment for conditions such as metatarsal and sesamoid pain. Other common conditions such as flat feet also get relief by their usage. Apart from foot related ailments, discomfort in the ankle area caused by arthritis, foot drop and tendinitis often require additional support offered from these insoles.

Insoles act by evenly distributing the forces applied to the foot during walking, standing and other physical activity. They also provide protection for feet which is essential for diabetics as they cannot offer to get wounds as it would easily result in infection. There are many medical grade orthotics designed which not only offer maximum cushioning but also are made of non-allergic materials ensuring added safety.

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