When you are looking for the next leader in your public sector agency, you want the best recruitment on hand. A specialised government headhunter is an ideal choice to help you with the decision. Many factors go into choosing the right candidates and your headhunter will uniquely understand what you are looking for. Read on for more reasons why going with a trained government headhunter is the right move for you.

Suitable candidates are vetted before presented

When you enlist a government headhunter, you let go of the traditional recruitment method. This usually entails sifting through many resumes and then compiling a shortlist. This is exhausting, frustrating and inefficient for the level of expertise you are looking for. It stands to reason that there isn’t a huge pool of people that have the required experience and C-Suite know-how. When you utilise the expertise of a government headhunter you will receive a list of candidates to review and interview. They will be of the calibre and expertise that you would expect for such a position. This will let you focus on your vetting procedure for the shortlist and interviews.

No advertising costs

Advertising on recruitment platforms can be costly and time-consuming. There are many different websites that you need to place a job posting on these days. If you have to advertise on multiple sites you can run up quite a large amount of fees. Not to mention the time and effort your HR department has to spend sifting through the resumes. Also, you may turn to paid advertising on your social platforms as well which will increase the amount you spend. All of these tactics may result in you finding the right person for the job, however, it is a drawn-out process. When you hire a headhunter for your job search little to no advertising is the norm. Allowing you more time to focus on your day to day responsibilities.

The process is generally quicker and more discreet

Without heavy job advertising, discretion is assured for your business. This means that your candidates are not in an awkward position with their current employer. This is fundamental to the recruitment process at any level. Candidates are more likely to hear what you have to say and in the position itself if they are in an environment of total confidentiality. The discretion of a headhunter also means you don’t have to rush to a timeline to select your future employee. When advertising publicly people will be naturally interested in the outcome of your recruitment process. By using the discretion of a headhunter you can take a more considered approach to the hiring process.

Headhunters generally have the market knowledge and you are offered candidates, not applicants.

Dedicated headhunters such as government headhunters will have the strong market knowledge and will understand the requirements you are looking for. This means that the candidate list you receive will be strong and will rarely have to ask for further candidates. This also means that your headhunter will be able to be a great help with the onboarding process as well as recruitment. Having a service that completely understands the ins and outs of your business is invaluable during the onboarding process.
As previously stated above, you are given a list of candidates rather than piles of resumes to sift through to shortlist yourself. Your headhunter will also be happy to receive feedback on the candidates. If you want candidates that have more experience in one area that isn’t visible on your list, your recruiter will aim to remedy this issue. However by and large this process is far more streamlined. This means you can focus on vetting the candidates in interviews and where possible psychometric tests and the like.

They possibly have existing contacts in the field you are wanting to hire

Constant networking is a way of life for a professional headhunter. This means that when you enlist the services of a professional headhunter, will likely be able to contact many candidates very quickly. It is a huge timesaver for companies. A headhunter will contact the possible candidate and ask if they are interested in the position before going forward. If they are not, they will still be flattered and remember your company in a positive light. Only viable candidates will be presented to you and they will be interested in the position. Knowing that you have qualified candidates that are interested in the position makes the recruitment process much easier process for your company. You can focus on the right fit for your business and its future. If you are a government organisation that is recruiting both now and in the future, consider a government headhunter for all your C-suite needs, both now and in the future.

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