The sale of real estate is made much easier by hiring a broker. Its range of tasks goes far beyond the on-site sale of a property.

Some sellers choose not to hire a broker. These property owners should be assured that they are qualified to handle the sales process on their own.

Find real estate agents to perform tasks that are usually time-consuming and require specific skills. Examples of this are the necessary specialist knowledge about the real estate industry or the creation of a meaningful synopsis.

At the center of the service of a real estate agent is not only the task of mediation and sales, but also customer care. After all, the appearance of an agent, who is also present at the first immediate impression of a property, can have a major influence on the decision of the potential buyer. But the brokerage contract is not only worthwhile for the buyer.

How do brokers protect against costly mistakes?

Owners often unconsciously make annoying mistakes when selling their homes. McMakler interviewed around 200 of its employed real estate agents. The results of this survey allow conclusions to be drawn about trends in consumer behavior. One in two of the estate agents surveyed stated that less than 20 percent of his or her customers knew which documents are required in order to sell a private house. More serious, however, were the frequent misjudgments on the part of the sellers regarding the value of their property.

The real estate value is often overestimated

Sellers often have an emotional bond with their property, especially if they have lived in the apartment or house in question. This often leads to misjudgments regarding the expected sales price of the property.

The results of the survey show that 42 percent of all property owners overestimate the value of their property. Four out of ten of those questioned who underestimated their value were 20 to even 40 percent above the realistically expected sales price.

The problem: a price that is set too high can put off potential buyers. This also applies if the seller is willing to negotiate. The trained eye of a broker does not neglect any aspect of the property appraisal, helps with expectation management and thus accelerates the sales process.

False modesty turns into a loss of money it also happens that owners estimate the value of their property to be less than it actually is. In almost ten percent of the cases, owners overestimated the selling price of their property. Every eighth was estimated to be 20 to 40 percent below the selling price of comparable objects.


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