There are works situations today that need the workers to operate on their own due to shift patterns that are prevalent in most companies, or work in remote places due to the nature of their work. As a business owner or a proprietor of a company it is your duty to check on these workers who are forced by situation to work alone. It is a dangerous proposition to work alone in a risky environment without any way or means to communicate to the main office or to the supervisor, and the company or organization hiring these lone workers should understand that and take appropriate measures to ensure the safety and security of the manpower. There are steps involved to assess how risky the work environment is, and what measures can be taken to support the lone worker in such a situation.

There are a number of factors that can pose as risk for a lone worker, and for each situation there should be adequate support system ready and available so that there is no harm to the life of the worker and, better still, before any harm comes, the situation can be brought under control. For that an assessment process is necessary so that the company which hires lone workers is emergency-ready. The various factors that can be potentially dangerous are sudden illness; fire; accident; the risk of sudden attack or violence; the breakdown or faulty running of dangerous machineries; electrical short circuit or any other situation that is caused by faulty electrical lines and wiring etc. These can happen to any worker at any point of time at his or her workplace and hence it is of utmost importance that there is a system of lone worker safety monitoring. The workers themselves also should review the safety measures and report if it is satisfactory or can suggest if any modifications or alterations are needed on the same.

Once these factors are taken into consideration, there should be measures taken to train and instruct the workers as to what to do and how to handle such situations. Personal equipments which can act as a panic alarm system can be introduced to the workers and they can be trained on the use of the same, so that in any emergency they can contact the nearest team member or call for help. Safety devices are a great way to control such situations as the backend team will immediately dispatch the necessary emergency control team to help out the worker in duress. Therefore lone worker safety monitoring is an effective way to save the lives of valuable workers, and save the good name of the organizations that employ such workers. As an organization that might be dealing with a certain kind of work and services, there is no choice but to send workers alone, but you can always monitor these workers so that they come back safely and without any harm.

There can be many adverse consequences if the lone worker safety monitoring measures are not implemented. There can be a range of problems which can go out of control or escalate into something which will ne unmanageable in the future. Such situations can be very bad for the business, not to mention that you will be responsible for harm and in extreme cases, death of a worker which will forever be there in your conscience. The negative fallouts can be higher cost of insurance; higher liability claims from workers who might get fatally injured on the line of duty; higher attrition rates where the employees leave the organization because they no longer feel safe working there; the worker morale also gets low as a result of which productivity gets hampered and the turnover suffers.

There is also the bad press that your company will attract for negligence on your part and that can be more disastrous than all the above factors taken together. Hence, it is of absolute importance that the companies and organizations implement the safety monitoring from the very beginning to avoid any untoward incident that can ruin lives and the company’s reputation.

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The writer of this article is Jeo Nash who is a qualified Health & Safety professional and believes that every organization should have lone worker safety monitoring system in place to ensure the process of health and safety in the workplace.