Where would you be without your mobile phone? And not even because of the calling, but because of all those handy apps that exist. So that you can find the way to the house of a playdate of your child, you never forget a game, know where it is fun to go with kids, you always have a babysitter at hand, or a baby monitor, you no longer have to worry about your little one knowing the complete contents of your phone or calling your boss when he is playing with your mobile ... I have put the apps that make my family life a lot more relaxed for you. Do you also have an app and software that you can not do without?

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Everyone in the family has a busy life. The kids have to go to childcare, playgroup or school and when they get older they also get hobbies and clubs. But you and your partner also have to work, do the housework and keep social contacts sociable. With the Cozi app you bring the busy family planning together, so you never forget anything. Birthdays, appointments at the doctor and all other plans come together in this well-organized app that dad can put in his mobile. Price: free.

Baby monitor 3G

With this handy app, you no longer need a baby monitor. You can hear and see exactly how your baby is doing by leaving your phone with your little one. Handy if your child has fallen asleep in the car or sleeps somewhere where no baby monitor is available. Download: Baby monitor 3G. Price: € 3.99

Baby places

With the BabyPlaces app, you have the nicest and most convenient places to go with kids always available. From playground, changing room, children's clothing store to petting zoo; more than 120,000 playgrounds worldwide (!) are in this database. Easy if you are in an unknown city, but also to discover new things in your own city. BabyPlaces can be downloaded here. Price: free.


Do not grandpa and grandma live around the corner? Is Dad abroad? Or are you yourself a lot from home? With Rootz you can still read your children before going to bed despite the distance! The users see on their mobile (or tablet) not only the book but also the person on the other side of the device in their screen. Better than Skype! You can also play games, draw or view photos together. Download: Rootz. Price: free, but the books for the app still have to be purchased.


Do you want a night out, but can grandpa and grandma or your neighbor not be careful? With the Bsit app, you will soon find a reliable babysitter. Parents in the neighborhood share their babysitter, which you can then call on. Through the app, you can easily chat with parents in the neighborhood or call. Download: Bsit . Price: free.

Grow Childhood

In this app from Fisher-Price, you can keep track of the growth of your child. You create a profile and based on the age of your little one you get tips in the field of development, but also fun games that are fun to do at that moment. You can also upload beautiful photos of your child and keep track of the milestones. Nice for later! Price: free.

My MiniStars

Is your mobile also full of nice pictures of your children that do not happen very often? Collect them from now on in the My MiniStars app. Then you can easily create a tangible photo album later on. You can also collect the milestones and funny quotes from your child in this app and eventually add it to your photo book. A nice memory for later. Cynthia wrote about this app once before this review. You can download My ministers here. Price: free


Of course, I also have the necessary children's entertainment on my mobile. And Zappelin is the favorite. With this app, you can watch live television, play games and make drawings. You can also dance and sing songs with Nienke, watch Zappelin programs, make coloring pages, stamp and read stories. My boys never get bored. Download: Zappelin . Price: free.

Tip: Pin apps

The latter is not an app, but a very handy trick for when your child regularly plays with your mobile (or tablet). With the settings of your phone you can ensure that your kids only have access to the app they are working on and can not access your messages, phone book, mail, and photos etc.

For Android

Go to 'Security' via 'Settings'.

Go to 'Advanced' and select 'Pin a screen'.

Start the app that you want to capture and then press the overview button (often a square) with which you can see all

open apps.

At the bottom right now a button appears with which you can lock the app.

By pressing the overview button and the back button (triangle) simultaneously, the lock goes off again.

If you have a security code on your mobile, you must also enter it.

For iPhone

Go to 'Settings', choose 'General' and scroll down.

Select 'Accessibility'. In the section 'Learning' you will find the option 'Guided access'. Tap on it.

Enable guided access and set a 4-digit code.

Press the home button to return to home.

Open the desired app.

Now press the home button three times quickly to activate guided access. You now see a number of options.

Press the 'Start' button at the top right to activate guided access. The home button no longer functions.

If you want to stop with guided access, you press the home button again three times quickly. Enter the 4-digit PIN code and you will have access to your iPhone or iPad.

This function works from iOs 6. If you have an older version, check here the new release of the iPhone 7.

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