To have the best life available you need Knowledge, Love and Inspiration. As you acquire Knowledge you can learn to do things for yourself and for others that make your life and the world a better place. With Love you can do these things with compassion, caring and humility. With Inspiration you can do things with zest and live life to the fullest. Combining knowledge, love and inspiration is often more difficult than it seems, for at times we spend time in a state of 1 of the three areas, but rarely all 3 at the same time. When one seeks knowledge to an excess it is easy to lose sight of love or to lack inspiration for anything else. Without inspiration it is almost impossible to find love or to pursue knowledge and self-fulfillment. From my own life and the stories shared from others I find that these 5 inspirational sources can give an incredible power and strength so I share them with you today.


This post is not about espousing any religious doctrine. It is about recognizing that there is higher power that you can tap into for incredible inspiration. If you believe in spirituality and you have faith in a higher power, tap into that power and ask for the strength to lift you to the heights you want to achieve. Stop praying for a new car or a new pair of shoes; pray for knowledge, strength, guidance, wisdom and motivation so you can find the way to get that car, those shoes or whatever you may want or need for yourself and your family. If you are skeptical about the power of faith look at the examples of women who have lifted cars off of trapped children, men who have survived cancer, or athletes who return from devastating injury. Almost every one will tell you that their faith is got them through.


Family can be the most powerful motivator in the world. When people say "it takes a village" it is because they know that the best way for a child to succeed is to have the full support of a loving family of parents, sisters, aunts, uncles and caring elders. The destruction of the black nuclear family is devastating to the success of our youth today. The flipside is that if you are fortunate enough to have a strong nuclear and extended family you should go to them for advice, inspiration and coaching. Parents and elders have so much to offer and all they want for you is your success (no matter how young or old you are).


Marriage gets a bad rap nowadays and with so many divorces, custody battles, unfair alimony cases and the like it is understandable. A GOOD marriage however brings a most powerful benefit along with it - your biggest fan. A good woman who supports your efforts is stronger than the most solid rock. A good man who puts his wife and kids first will do anything to support his mate and his brood. Lean on your spouse if you are lucky enough to have a good one, for this is truly the person who can inspire you in the most difficult times.


Many people are not blessed with a nuclear family of mother and father in the home. Many also may not have access to extended family. For those in this situation it is important to look to the community for support. Almost every neighborhood has churches, community centers, and organizations within a few miles that are there to help you. They exist to make the community a better place and you are part of that community. Connecting with these groups extends your power and magnifies your reach to information you may have though unavailable. Using community resources benefits the giver and the receiver and certainly makes your environment a better place.


Although this is the 5th on the list, do not consider it a last resort. Many times your friends can give you that motivation that is sorely needed on a daily basis. If you are fortunate to have good friends do not be afraid to ask them for help or to seek encouragement from them. We're not talking about a loan for 50 bucks, we're talking about some friendly advice and some guidance on how you can do better. If they are true friends they will be glad to help and there is no shame in asking for this support. If they are not fully supportive in wanting to help you then you may not have as good a friend as you thought you did.

Each of these sources of inspiration are outside of yourself and are designed to lift you up when you may be down. Use one or use them all. You do not have to carry the burden of success, feeding your family, financial independence, etc. all on your back. As a strong, independent black man there is no shame in using the resources around you. As a proud black woman the same applies. As a teenager in the hood or a rich kid from the suburbs; it does not matter where you are today and your current situation is irrelevant. You can always move to a higher plane if you have the motivation and inspiration to help you achieve.

When you elevate your game, the world is a better place because of it. If this post inspires 1 person to do better than yesterday then the world is also a better place. If this post inspires you, share it with someone. The world constantly changes 1 person at a time.

Peace, love and inspiration!

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