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One of the most significant initiatives of the 21st century, taken by our honorable Prime Minister is “Digital India”. His dream of a high-speed digital highway, easy access to all the government services on mobile devices, and farmer’s empowerment through real-time data is moving forward with the great zeal. Also, Cyber security is contributing majorly to the initiative. The campaign was launched on 1st July 2015 and ever since, it has progressed a lot in terms of India’s digital literacy.

This is the campaign of making things convenient and easy for the public and private sector by increasing high-speed connectivity across the country. This step has increased internet connectivity even to remote rural places in the country. With more than billions of internet subscribers, India is one of the fastest-growing markets in the Digital world. This rapid growth gives India the potential to be a truly connected nation by 2025.

In India’s new and emerging digital ecosystems of the future, businesses will have to find new ways to engage with customers. They need to gear up to capture the opportunities and manage the challenges that emerge from being a connected nation.

Along with the rising demand of the digital literacy, this month, Insights Success has come with an issue “The 10 Accelerators of Broadband Growth for Digital India!”.

On the Cover of the magazine we have featured a special story Broadband India Forum—which is a dedicated to enhancing the potential of the entire digital ecosystem to deliver broadband across the whole country and making Digital Transformation possible.

We have also focused on the companies that are providing unique solutions. The list includes, Elision Technolab LLP—helping people in transforming their old business processes with more advanced and efficient process automation using unified communication solutions. Also, helps businesses to transform their processes from manual to digital. Esto Internet—which is one of the most dependable organization, providing impeccable service, premium products and comprehensive solutions to the customers. Kenstar Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd—it has spread its wings to provide Internet Connection by the means of Wireless technology and Fiber Optic Cable in Aurangabad City.

Along with this, we have an exclusive ‘Interview with Insights Success’. Here, the key leaders of the company talk about their overall journey and the influences made by their firm, service offerings, winning honors, current, and future perceptions. Mr. Aniruddhasinhji Jadeja and Mr. Kanaksinh Rana, the Promoters share some insightful views and highlight the influences made by their company—GTPL Hathway Ltd—One such leading wireless broadband service provider, GTPL gives a view to aspirations and passion for imaginative India.
Another company is one such foremost digital marketing agency in India, Kinnect is simultaneously creative and media-driven and builds digital capabilities to match diverse business needs and create visible and lasting impact. In an interview with Insights Success, Chandni Shah, the Co-Founder/COO has shared some insightful views and highlighted the influences made by her company—Kinnect.
This magazine includes a leader’s thoughts section as well, where Mr. Krishnakant Panchal, the Founder and CEO of Rushi Market Research discusses the topic “Digital India,” and Ashutosh Sharma, the founder of discusses the topic “The Future of Customer Satisfaction.”
Also, we have included the article “Living the Digital Dream” scripted by our in-house editors in the delightful pages of this magazine.
So, flip the pages of our magazine and explore interesting insights from the world of business!

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