So many articles, books, programs and CDs on presentation skills cover all aspects on the creation and delivery of your script. They may be discussing nervousness and how to conquer your fears, giving advice on dynamic public speaking, or talking about the value of your audience. Yet never have I seen anything regarding this, truly the most important secret if you want to capture your listeners’ attention and keep them captivated throughout. It is something we just don’t think about.

Yes, I want you to be emotional in speaking, making eye contact with your audience. You should be breathing throughout and pausing for effect. Believing in yourself is part of the quotient as well as knowing your material thoroughly. But all of this advice still doesn’t cover the #1 secret that can make or break a career in public speaking.

Recently I had the opportunity to hear as well as speak to James Malinchak, considered to be the top Big Money Speaker trainer in the world. As his audience watched him on stage, the number one thought that came to my mind was his likeability. He enjoys sharing with his audience; he is funny; and, he laughs throughout his delivery. He is likeable.

How likeable are you when giving a speech or presentation? This may seem like an odd question, but it really isn’t. Those who are truly great at public speaking have that quality about them. The audience enjoys listening to them and watching them. What is fascinating about this particular characteristic is that you do not have to be famous to be liked when presenting.

The ability to be liked, however, is not possible if you do not like yourself, enjoy presenting, and truly want to share your knowledge with your audience. Being able to laugh as you express your thoughts is more valuable than you may think.

When I gave my mother’s eulogy some years ago, I didn’t dwell on the negative but pushed for the positive and my audience enjoyed listening to me describe my mom. I smiled; I laughed; I shared; and, I cried.

If you are not happy with yourself, knowledgeable about your material, and confident in your ability to express yourself, why would you expect your audience to want to listen to you? Wanting to share your knowledge is only one factor in achieving success on the stage. You must enjoy it. It is then that your audience will be captivated and enjoy listening to you.

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