Text Advertising – In this form of advertising a text link ad is inserted within the content of website, which is usually done in double-underline hyperlinks form. When the mouse is hovered over, a floating bubble opens with informative content from the advertiser. Once a visitor clicks on the bubble floater, he is directed to the advertiser's landing website page and this helps him earn an advertising revenue. When the mouse is moved away from the hyperlinks provided, the floating bubble also disappears from there. If you wish to learn more about how to initiate the process of text advertising services through text link advertising company then reading the article further will be beneficial. Some points have been referred below stating why should In-text advertising be chosen.

It is a less intrusive advertising method which does not distract the viewer from your site's content or information provided.

It has successfully proven to improve the conversion rates by a good level for any website.

Easy and quick installation in your website that does not hamper its functions in any form.

About banner advertising services – There are different forms of advertising methods which are used by marketing professionals to promote or advertise their products and services online. Out of all, banner advertising is the most commonly used advertising technique utilized by banner advertising service houses. Such a Service is a foundation for many of the marketing campaigns over the internet, and still it is a result-oriented method of promotion. It is a very strong marketing tool that any service provider can use to promote products, and the best part about this advertising is that every section of it is easily measurable. It is also one of the most cost-effective means of promoting business online, and a great way of monetizing website content. It is wise to note that when we talk about banner advertising, one needs to pay extra attention to the banner design that is being used for the ad. There are probably three types of banner advertising: Standard banner style which could be animated and even non-animated, Rich media banner and flash banner.
There is another Video advertising service, which is provided by various professional advertisers and ad agencies. The video banner ads are not only meant for popular web portals but video advertising related portals also that fetch maximum traffic for advertisers in today's time.

There are ample of banner design software availaible in the market. What you need to do is to just select best amoung them.

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Estella Vincent, a creative person by nature. Right now working on online marketing and designing. This article is about banner designing using different tools like banner software, banner templates,flash banner creator etc.