One day you wake up and think “is this it? Scanning my self generating to-do list, juggling required tasks that scream urgent, doing everything for others- family, job, community – where is this headed? Help! My life is out of control! Where are all the things in life that created excitement, vibrancy, and the desire to jump out of bed in the morning?” When the demands on your time have a greater importance than you and your sanity, overwhelm reigns and joy vanishes.

Making the outer world in charge of your schedule only creates a victim mentality. It is time to take your power back. Set an intention: carve out time to get answers on resolving this situation.

Ask for guidance from your Wisdom Within. Inner guidance is always available but it does not scream. Its volume is so low -all the noise and activity has drowned it out. “Come back home. There is help here. Just listen. Come back home to yourself. Here are answers. Come back home. ”

What does that mean “come home to yourself?” Return to the wisdom inside. Of course you don’t have time…all the demands are screaming for attention! That is when you really need to take time for you. Start by taking some slow deep breaths, following the rhythm of the in and out breath. Sounds simple-how can this help? It will deliver you to NOW-the present moment. It will escort you out of your head and into your body. You know, your body, that thing you’ve been neglecting? The clarity received from this simple activity will cut through the chaos and bring options that had been previously overlooked or ignored.

Plan to set aside 15 minutes a day for quiet reflection or meditation. Log it in as an appointment in your schedule, to confirm its importance. This will send a signal that your inner world is important. Walk in nature, listen to inspirational music, begin a small creative project: any of these activities will calm the mind and prepare your decision making to be more in alignment with your goal of connecting to yourself.

Now is the time to take back your life. Ask again for insights from your inner guidance. Prepare to make some hard choices about what is truly important and what must be discarded to make room for what is important. YOU are important! Make the commitment to yourself to reclaim your life.

Vow to create the spark to ignite the flames of love for yourself and this journey you call life. Be warmed by the glow, bring those parts of you that were fading away back to life. Excitement will burn brightly as you tend the flames. This is a special, sacred job and no one can do it for you. Only you can tend your fire…only you know how. Become a Vestal Virgin of your life’s fire, a priestess who tends the fire in her own hearth, to guarantee that it is never extinguished. Bring loving attention and focus to this inner world and the fire will grow. Use this energy to guide you, to allow new insights to old dreams, to revamp a vision into one that serves you, to this person you are now. Ask for guidance and support to create the life you were destined to live.

Author's Bio: 

Marilyn Eppolite is a intuitive energy therapist and spiritual counselor. She helps clients transform drama, trauma and chaos into emotional health through drug free energy techniques. She shows clients how to use the power of their chakras and energy field to support them in times of stress. She inspires them to connect to their Wisdom Within to answer questions to the challenges in their lives.

She is the author of a forthcoming book titled From Chaos to Calm: 7 Steps to Finding Your Way Out of Overwhelm and Into Your Life Again.