Many employees are keen to advance their career, earn more money and enjoy more responsibility, but this can be a challenge. Often employers are looking for a lot of traits when searching for their perfect senior staff member, and they often have a lot of people to choose from, all with various positive attributes. With this in mind, many employees wonder how they can you set themselves apart from their colleagues and indicate to their boss that they are the best candidate to select for the latest promotion.
After all, if you work in a large organisation then your employer will have many candidates to choose from internally, as well as the option to hire an external applicant and bring in some new ideas. With so many candidates to choose from, you need to make sure you set yourself apart and stand out from the crowd so that your boss will consider you a viable option.
Follow these seven tips to help improve your chances of being considered next time a promotion becomes available in your business.

Be proactive

Employers are looking for staff who will take the initiative and improve their own role and performance without having to be instructed, so make sure you exhibit this regularly. Look into your current role and explore ways that it could be improved, then submit proposals to your line manager. By taking the initiative and regularly trying to improve your role and results, you will show your boss that you are leadership material. This will put you at the top of the list next time a promotion opens up in your department.

Organise your time

If your employer has to constantly support you and help you manage your time then they will not consider you for a promotion, as they need senior team members that can take care of themselves as well as other members of staff. As such, it is important that you organise your time effectively and complete all of your tasks promptly. Consider investing in an app to help you manage your time and show your boss that you can be trusted.

Take on extra tasks

Offer to do additional work to help your employer, as this will show them that you are proactive and eager to learn and progress. It is important that you do not take on too much extra work, however, as this will lead to poor quality output. Only take on what you can manage and present any additional work to a high standard to impress your manager. This will help them to notice your potential and put you at the top of the list next time a promotion becomes available in your department.

Consider Adding Additional Qualifications To Your CV

One way to show your boss you are deeply passionate about your role and keen to progress is to embark on additional education. This can be a challenge when you already have a job but working with a professional tutor can be a great way to make it easier to balance your career and studies. Superprof offers a range of tutors on a variety of subjects, allowing you to choose the perfect person to help you learn and increase your chances of promotion. Their website is worth a look into if you want to get some 1:1 coaching.


Support your manager

When your manager needs cover or support, be there for them and help them to make their role goes smoothly. If your boss can see that you’re proactive and supportive then they will know that they can trust you to help them when they need it, which in turn will make them more likely to consider you as a viable option when a new role becomes available.

Make your intentions clear

Whenever you have a one-to-one meeting about your career make sure that you make your manager aware that you are keen to progress and want to move your career forward so that they are aware of your ambition. As a result, when new roles become available, they may invite you to interview for them on the basis that they know that you want to grow in your role and are open to the idea of progression. If you do not make your intentions clear, then your manager will not know what you are looking for from your role and may accidentally pass over you, thinking that you are not interested in rising any higher than your current position.

Network within your chosen field of expertise

Get to know other members of the industry in which you wish to excel so that you can show your boss that you are confident, eager to learn and a key member of your team. Many websites allow you to easily search for corporate networking events near you, so you can browse from a selection and choose the event that will help you meet the contacts you need to excel in your career.

See every project through

When undertaking a new project, make sure you see it through to the end so that your boss can see that you are a useful asset to your team. A staff member that doesn’t see their projects through, or is not keen to take the initiative and undertake basic tasks that they do not consider to be part of their role will not be considered for a promotion quickly, so try to avoid this and instead work on every project until it is finished.

Take care of the basics

It might sound obvious, but make sure that you are not late and are always presentable when you come to work. These factors can be easily overlooked, but they are basic and will ensure that your manager does not view you in a negative light. Complying with the basic requirements of your job is just as important as anything else to ensuring that you are considered for a promotion, as by being presentable, prompt and generally a good employee you will be providing to your manager that you are not giving your manager any reason to reprimand you. When searching for a more senior member of staff, employers always want to make sure that they hire someone who is reliable and trustworthy, and you can prove this by simply doing your best.

Make yourself indispensable

Undertake a range of tasks that no other employee in your workplace does so that your boss can see that you are worth investing time, effort and money in as an employee. Prove that you are worth their effort and support by becoming an integral part of the team and undertaking tasks that are vital, such as being a keyholder, supervising your colleges and checking on practical matters such as making sure bins are emptied and organising your office’s cleaning rota. When your employer can see that you are taking an interest and are vital to the smooth running of their business then they will be more likely to want to keep you in their organisation, which will lead to them offering you promotions.
Using these handy tips, you should be able to set yourself apart from your colleagues and show your boss that you are prime promotion material.

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