Often I find that clients are not getting their goals and experiencing frustration or sadness. They are caught up in their feelings but not truly observing what is happening.

My client, John, was in deep need of attracting his ideal administrative assistant. For years, he kept hiring subpar people. They looked good when he hired them and it went downhill from there.

He recently posted a very detailed ad on Craigslist for his ideal admin person. All of the people who responded were less than ideal. My client got more irritated and was now feeling the pressure of having to hurry up and get someone in the position.

After encouraging John to get to the meat of the issue, he was able to step back and observe the under current of feelings. He was mad because it seemed like his business growth was being held back by his current team. He was tired of consistently having this same issue throughout the years.

My observation was that he was so focused on what was not working with his team members that he attracted more of what was not working. He never told the truth.

The truth was that he was the one that attracted these people who were not ideal. He was always pressured to get new people on the team and not taking the time to get his head in the right place before the hiring process.

He thought his focus was hiring the ideal team but he was consumed with his current team’s shortcomings. Once he was able to tell it like it was, he could stop the vicious cycle.

Many times we’re in such a hurry to fix the surface issue (aka the symptom), that we’re not able to dig into our own truth and simply tell it like it is.

Years ago, I was talking to a friend about how much I hated marketing. I said, “I wish I never had to do it again.” She said, “Tell me how you really feel about marketing without censoring your feelings.” A few curse words came flowing out of my mouth with huge emotions behind them.

Man, it felt GOOD! I felt freed up to tell it like it was. I felt something shift inside of me. She gave me permission to hate marketing (or at least the way I thought it had to be done). The freedom of stating the truth opened up new possibilities. I began to spread the word about my services in a way that felt good to me. Now, marketing is fun.

Being constantly caught up in your emotions about what isn't going right in your business or your life perpetuates the problem. Step into your power to see the truth about what is happening and own up to it. Then you can move toward creating your ideal reality.

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