Why should you sell over the telephone?

• Telesales is cost effective compared to face to face sales

• Telephone selling is direct - typically no appointment is required or its a quick and easy way to make a sales meeting

• It's personal - your personality can shine through

• It's less official than writing

• Everybody picks up the phone!

There are, however, some challenges of selling over the telephone

• Shoddy technique - not preparing for your call and having a clear purpose

• Excess of confidence - seeming 'forceful, coming across as overtly selling and not showing any interest in the other person

• Dangerous habits - developed from personal telephone

Your attitude will have a huge impact on your success rate. Have you ever noticed how 2 people can work for an identical company, or even the same company, selling the same products to the same market place; one is an excellent success, the other barely scrapes by.


It's usually down to how much they relish the job!

Do we like to deal with miseries... NO! Neither do our potential customers. We all have days that we would sooner forget, but we still need to provide a cheerful appearance to our customers, and more importantly to ourselves.

Here's a few tips:

Become client focused
Go the extra mile - surprise your customers - deal with them as you would like to be treated - do more than they are expecting - address them by name - keep records concerning your clients - keep guarantees - or keep them up to date
'Own the problem' - take responsibility for dealing with complaints - follow up until resolved - don't pass the buck Be passionate Definition: Selling is contagious enthusiasm Nobody wants to deal with a 'misery' on the telephone - remember that the phone dilutes and diffuses, therefore you often have to work hard to avoid sounding 'down in the dumps'. There is only one issue that is more infectious than enthusiasm, and that is the lack of it!
Smile - it's the shortest distance between two people - you bring in what you plant; when you are cheerful it makes the other person respond more positively

Don't be put off by selling over the telephone because it can be one of the greatest sales prospecting methods available to you. Embrace professional telesales with a positive attitude and your success in sales will be guaranteed.

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