Sales Objection Handling - "Send Something in the post"

This has to be one of the most horrible phrases ever heard by many salespeople. In fact it generally goes something like this:

"Send something in the post and we will call you if we are interested"

When many sales people hear this, their heart skips a beat, their head drops and and they get lost for words, usually replying something along the lines of:

"Oh - Ok then"

What have you got planned to deal with someone saying that to you?

Generally it is not the person you want to speak to that is saying that to you, it is more likely to be the secretary, the PA or even a support person. They have no idea whether what you have is of value because at that point in time only you know this.

There are hundreds of ways you can deal with this if it happens to you, some of which I outlined here:

Be confident and have a positive state of mind. More powerful than any one phrase is your own positivity and attitude. If you have an attitude that just oozes professionalism and confidence you will be able to deal with most situations with ease.

Say "No, I cant do that" When this comes from a person with confidence and positivity it seems like a natural response. After all if you could do that then you wouldn't have wasted your time making the call in the first place. Would you? Don't be surprised if the other person says "Oh, Ok I will put you through then."

A more conventional approach is "Yes I will and I just need to speak with John to ensure I get the right information over, can you put me through...thank you"

If you are speaking to the person you called to speak to then you could say "John, generally when I tell people that it means I am interested or I am trying to get them off the phone. In this case which one is it?"

Or you can say "John. Absolutely, I can. When I send you the information, what exactly will you do with it?" Their answer will tell you their level of interest. There is a difference between "I'll put it in my in tray and get around to it next week" and "Ill scan it over and take it to the board meeting on Thursday where we are reviewing this situation. Give me a call Friday to discuss it"

Give some of these a go and I promise you that you wont be spending anymore long evenings stuffing brochures in envelopes in the hope that someone will call you back. More answers like this are regularly featured in my free sales newsletter. Sign up and try it out.

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