Telenor India is a subsidiary of the famous Norwegian telecom operator Telenor and they have started operating in India since 2009. After the huge operation success in the adjacent neighboring countries, Telenor has taken the strategic business path of expanding across the region. However, as Telenor is a newcomer in the telecom industry of India, the subscribers tend to have a lot of questions regarding basic services like account balance, recharge, call rates, roaming, current available tariff and schemes etc. If you happen to be a new subscriber of Telenor and need a brief guide on these services, you should keep reading.

Get to Know Telenor

Here are few very common Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) people have regarding Telenor.

  • Check Account Balance

After purchasing a new connection, most of the subscribers would want to check whether they have any available account balance to make calls with. The procedure is fairly easy, just dial *121# which will be taken as a USSD request by the network, and Telenor will inform the subscriber’s account balance within seconds. This option works while roaming too. However, the DSTK menu also does the job through Telenor> Self Care> Balance Enquiry.

  • Prepaid Mobile Recharge

A connection that is prepaid will require balance refill every now and then. However, Telenor has provided an easier and more convenient online mobile recharge method for their subscribers. Visit this website and provide your number to proceed through the recharge. A credit or debit card with online transactions enabled will be an added plus point for this online recharge.

  • Account Balance While Roaming

People who roam a lot with their smartphones will need to know the balance in their mobile number even on the fly. Telenor has thought this through and kept an effective method of checking the balance even on roaming, and thankfully it’s the same as the regular balance checking method. To check your balance while on roaming, dial *121# or *121*1*1# anytime.

  • Current Plans and Tariff Schemes on Sale

Telenor India comes with plenty of special tariff vouchers and regular plans. Visiting this website here, one could know the tariff rates of current ongoing plans Telenor have. There are different types of rates for local and international calls, value packs, Wi-Fi and 4G internet packs, SMS and international roaming plans etc.

Purchase a new Telenor Connection

If you are to buy a new Telenor connection in India, visiting a local Touch Point would be the easiest way. There may be resellers or authorized dealers of Telenor India around you as well, visit the Telenor website for more information on Telenor presence in your locality. Telenor India has provided a store locator for subscriber convenience. This webpage here will take you directly to Telenor India’s online store director.

Telenor India App for More Convenience

If you are using your Telenor India connection on an Android, iOS or Windows Phone device, you should download their smartphone app for more information at lesser hassle.


Hopefully, this article has met all your knowledge requirements. If you need to know more, contact Telenor India directly.

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Telenor is the best prepaid mobile and 4G network in India.