A lot of dentists are still hesitant to make a move towards the digitalization of their clinical practice. However, the increasing importance and use of teledentistry is encouraging and shows a lot of promise to develop the field of dentistry. It has shown a significant use in networking, consultations, dental records sharing, and aiding in para clinical procedures.
Teledentistry has similar advantages such as
• Reduced costs for both the patient and the dentist
• Time-saving
• Ability to connect with any specific dentist or any specialist in a particular field irrespective of time zones or locations. This is especially useful when the patient lives far from the dentist or is in a location where such experts are not present.
• Documented / recorded consultations
• Privacy and comfort of home
• Reduced risk of exposure to infections
• Avoiding repeated, unnecessary trips to the dentist
• Providing a comfortable environment for kids who need dental consultations.
Practicing teledentistry would involve the use of the internet, computers, and mobile phones. In addition to these, some already available computerized systems that involve teledentistry are:
• OralCdx- Where oral lesions are imaged and biopsies can be digitally analyzed. An oral pathologist can then use teledentistry to obtain these records and give you an opinion without having to be physically present.
• Digital radiographs: Any oral radiographs can be sent to your dentist using teledentistry to get an opinion and suggest further treatment.
• Specialist digital opinions: In the case of a diagnosis or procedure requiring an opinion from a specialist who is not available in the clinic, sending the dental records and photographs digitally and obtaining an opinion is easy and convenient. Such advice is also already documented and avoids any additional efforts taken to physically store these data.
• CAD/CAM systems: in the event, a prosthesis needs to be planned, expert opinion can be obtained to determine esthetics, clear procedural doubts, design 3D models, and share digital records between the dental lab, specialist, and the dentist.
• Clinical management using digital methods: Fixing appointments, video consultations, text queries, reminders about appointments or reviews, sharing of useful dental tips and dental clinic offers, etc. It can be achieved with ease.
• Digital payments: Clinics can tie up with third party financing institutions and banks to ensure easy and quick payments. The facility to pay dental costs in installments can also be given when the clinics are in tie-up with the relevant companies.
• Digital consultations and review: Often, patients have basic queries that do not need a complete dental examination at the dental clinic. These patients can be consulted via teledentistry and appointment can be given just for the actual procedure if needed. Similarly, a dental patient would require a dental review visit after most procedures. These reviews can be carried out using teledentistry in the absence of any symptoms.
• Dental education and awareness can be passed on to children and their parents, elderly adults, or those with disabilities using teledentistry. Pre and post-procedural instructions can also be given in this way and would also ease apprehensive patients before the dental visit.
• Continued dental education can be achieved by organizing and attending seminars or e-conferences using teledentistry.
Therefore, dentists have several reasons why they should consider using a teledentistry platform such as curie.health. Curie health helps in assisting you with setting up a flawless teledentistry platform, that is user friendly and affordable.

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