When a baby is teething, you can expect pain and tears of frustration from both child and parent. While this is one of life's typical growing pains, you can help ease your baby's discomfort with a few simple solutions:

Teething Rings - Teething rings are often a first choice solution to reducing pain. The counter pressure associated with a baby chewing on teething rings helps ease some of the pain that comes with a tooth trying to break the gums' surface. While you can let your child eat on regular teething rings, you can also try other unique alternative circles. You can now choose teething rings that have been specially designed for the fridge or freezer to help numb and massage your baby's tender gums with its cold relief. You can also opt for vibrating rings, which are triggered by a baby's chewing, and offer counter messaging counter pressure relief. There are also teething blankets that provide four chewable corners, which make it extra convenient.

Washcloth - The basic washcloth can offer effective baby teething relief and tips. Some parents only give their baby a cold washcloth to chew on, while others will fill it with crushed ice and tie it up, or soak it in brewed chamomile tea.

Food - Many parents use cold food as chew toys for their babies. Whether it's a bagel or frozen fruit in mesh feeder bags (these are little mesh-like pacifiers that let you put food inside for you baby safely to chew and suck on), food, like teething rings or washcloths, can be a cold, chewy choice for many children.

Pacifiers - Pacifiers always seem to soothe a crying baby, which is why many parents use these when their baby is teething. A lot of teething rings, washcloths, and food, parents are placing pacifiers in the freezer to placate sore gums. This may be a more practical solution for younger teething babies, who are too small for teething rings.

Breast Milk Cubes - For breastfeeding mothers, this is the great alternative to the cold food treat. Parents are taking their pumped breast milk and freezing it in ice cube trays. Later, they only take a frozen cube and place it in a mesh feeder bag.

Medicate -you can try to medicate your baby's tender gums. Hyland's Teething Tablets are one possible solution. According to the company, the teething tablets are a "homeopathic combination of physical substances relieves the anxiety, peevish whining, and anger. The small 1 grain doses melt instantly on the tongue."
Most of these solutions center on chewing and numbing with coldness, but your baby may prefer some of these solutions over others. Don't be discouraged if your child doesn't find relief with your first chosen solution. Don't be afraid to consult your pediatrician, or ask family and friends what solutions worked for them. Just remember that you and your baby will survive this until the next tooth trauma - braces. Don't worry though; you've got some time.
Parents hate to see their babies in pain and are always ready to find out the ways to provide relief to their children, and same is the case for teething related problems.It is tough to see the discomfort and pain which babies go through during the teething stages. Some kids are lucky as they do not experience too much of pain and discomfort during the teething stage.
But not to worry there are some proven ways to provide relief for teething babies which are as follows;
Some doctors recommend that you use the teething ring for your child during this time. You can also get some soft jelly like teeters which can be kept in the fridge to freeze them since it helps the baby's gums to be bit frost.When it is cool, the teeter can bring some relief to baby's aching gums. So it is a good idea to give children with something which they can bite on.

You can also buy the teething gels available especially for children. It comes in different kind of flavors, and most of the babies enjoy it. This type of gel is used to numb the area where the tooth is about to appear.For the painful gums, you can also give your baby with the crackers which they can squeeze and bite on their own. It is also said the cold banana is a handy way of comforting the teething babies.A crunchy apple also provides real relief for teething pain. You can chill the apple and give it to children to bite which helps in soothing the gums of the babies.You can also gently massage the gums of your baby with very little pressure by dampening a washed cloth with cold water and wrapping it around your finger.

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